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    Could you please give out the proper diet to reduce weight ?


    Sure Kogul… Can you please provide some information about yourself… Your age, height, weight and if you are working out presently at all… Also, what kind of job… Thanks. Also, are you veg/non-veg ?



    My age 24, 5.4, 80, am a marketing executive and am a non-vegetarian.


    Kogul, Thanks. I would recommend the following… Reduce simple carbohydrates (Rice, Flour etc) in your diet… Increase intake of vegetables. Increase Protein (Eggs, Fish…meat in general) and good fats (basically everything is good, except Trans Fat…such as in Cookies, Chips, French Fries etc)…

    You need to Stress out less… this is just as important as the other Suggestions…

    Regarding actual eating habits… Make sure to eat Breakfast with Lots of Protein… Give it between 3-5 hours between meals…DO NOT SNACK ANYTHING in-between. Finish you dinner no later than 7.00 (max by 8.00-8.30 pm). DO NOT SNACK ON ANYTHING AFTERWARDS…no apple, banana, peanuts, juice, milk…. Nothing.

    Until the Breakfast the next day morning. There should be at-least 12-14 hours gap between dinner and breakfast the next day. Of course, DO NOT SKIP BREAKFAST ANY DAY…

    To make it easy to follow nutrition advise…maintain a Food Log. This will help you see for yourself, where all you are getting those extra (and unhealthy) calories from…

    It may be a pain to begin with, but, it’s a good habit to get into…maintaining a food log. Will also help you to understand, why/how/how much you are over eating.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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