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    That’s wonderful

    The other thing that I can think about is to balance your nutrients intake. That is food should contain a good amount of protein and good fats. It should not be exclusively carbohydrates.

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    Where is your training center ?


    We are presently operating out of Burkit Road, TNagar, Besant Nagar, Annanagar…shortly going to start operations out of Sholinganallur (ECR) and out of Chromepet as well…



    I am pure veg, what is good source of protein


    Do you take eggs, by any chance ??



    No eggs


    Ok then, Your choices for protein are very limited. You need to understand that protein from plant matter is much less than protein from meat. Also, the bioavailability, meaning, how much of this protein is absorbed by the body, is much less for protein from plant sources than it is from meat.

    So, having said that…good sources of vegetarian food that contains protein are Dhal, Milk, Beans (kidney beans etc)

    How tall are you and how much do you weight?



    I am 5.6″ , 63 kg


    Ok…So, then, have whole milk (not skimmed milk)…



    But i take tea, not milk. Tea or coffee, 2 or 3 in a day


    Well, since your choices for protein are quite limited, as you are a vegetarian, then, you’ll have to specifically drink Milk.

    Yeah, but tea/coffee will be mostly water… and barely contains milk (which gets highly diluted with water).Besides, tea/coffee contains way too much SUGAR.

    My suggestion, therefore, is for you to consume 3 cups of milk (3 times each day)…whole milk… and NO SUGAR
    Oh please, continue to drink tea/coffee… Just go down on the sugar…Better to just quit adding sugar…You’ll get used to it pretty quickly.



    What is Strength Training


    Ok… Basically, Strength Training as the name implies, makes you strong. Because strength is the basis for all fitness, this is the most efficient way to spend time working out…

    Usual health issues that everyone encounters is as they age, they lose muscle mass and bone density. This leads to people becoming really weak (without them even realizing how weak they are) and with bone density going down, it is a classic case where they are bound to fall and break their hips (or some other bones).

    Also, lower back pain is another thing that most people suffer from.

    Duration is for 2 times every week, about an hour each of the 2 days…

    Method will be to do compound exercises (which involved the whole body), to train your body and give it reasons to get strong….. REALLY strong… very quickly.



    I am frequent traveller, feel fatigue nowadays


    Yeah… travel makes it difficult to eat, sleep, work at the right times… It puts off your circadian rhythm (body clock) for sure…

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 24 total)

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