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    Having a normal meal 30mins before going to sleep. Is it good or bad?


    Not good…



    Let’s say that am falling asleep on an inclined chair, then?


    Let’s think about why it’s not a good idea to eat just before going to bed…

    There are atleast a couple of reasons….

    Sleeping is resting, right? Means our body’s functions are reduced to a minimum, so body and mind can recouperate…

    Digestion on the other hand is quite an intense body function…So, the two are in conflict when happening at the same time isn’t it?

    Your body is neither able to sleep well nor is it able to digest the food eaten properly
    That’s the main reason…

    Another reason is that, the later you eat, you are then going to accumulate that as excess body fat…1) because you are not active…in fact, sleeping is exactly the opposite of being active and therefore, your body has no need to use the calories… So,it stores them as body fat…

    Eat no later than 7.00 pm (max 8.00 or very max…8.30pm). Eat NOTHING afterwards…

    That’s our advise

    Next meal is Breakfast (DO NOT skip breakfast)…at-least 12-14 hours after dinner the previous day.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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