Performance Enhancement

The foundations of Strength and Conditioning are based in Sports Science and involves the physical and physiological development of movement for the enhancement of sports performance at all levels.

If you are an athlete, Strength and Conditioning can help you get the most from yourself and your sport.

Even if you do not play sports, improving your ability to perform and function in your day-to-day life is just as important…working out at your institution with a coach can help enhance this.

For Athletes

  • Strength Training will enhance your athletic performance in your sport, a lot
  • Endurance improves
  • Flexibility improves
  • Instance of injuries will reduce significantly, both during competitions and during training

For Staff

  • You don’t need to leave college and enroll in gyms outside
  • Fitness training is now being offered at your college premises
  • Timings to be discussed and planned
  • Equipment can be brought by us

For Non-athletes

  • Fitness professional will be available throughout your workout
  • Fitness professional will Coach you on the various exercises
  • Fitness professional will also create an individualized program for you, on the various exercises
  • We concentrate on increasing your basic Strength & Conditioning…this is the most effective way to spend time working out