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    What foods would you recommend to have for these 3 major meals?


    Always a pleasure to answer your queries to the best extent I can… Of course, I am really passionate about this (Fitness / Strength Training and Conditioning for all demographics…basically, for ALL kinds of people)…

    Well, as far as nutrition for you, I am assuming that you do not suffer from Diabetes, High BP or are not Overly Fat… If any of this is not true, let me know please… With that in mind, my suggestions for your nutrition would be…

    Don’t get too hung up on the number of meals per day… In order to increase strength (and muscle mass) you need to EAT A LOT, especially PROTEIN. There is just no way around this.

    Start of with a protein filled breakfast and be sure to include protein in ALL YOUR MEALS. As mentioned above, I would use as much home made cooking to get your proteins, as much as possible. So, include say at-least 4 eggs (boiled…or cooked in any way…but NOT raw)…in addition to some good complex carbohydrates, such as Oats…



    But I avoid dairy products


    Any particular reason why you avoid Dairy… are you lactose intolerant ?





    Oh, that’s a bit of a bummer…because, MILK kinda has no substitute, when it comes to great protein to increase your Overall Strength and Muscle Mass…

    Ok… then, continue to avoid Dairy, but please use other forms of Protein, such as meat and eggs to keep up your protein intake. As mentioned above, you’ll need to be taking in protein, at-least total grams=your bodyweight in pounds, every day.



    I can eat a lot. But I dont know what to eat.


    Other than that, no other specific meal recipes are required in my opinion. Go high on your meat, at the same time, make sure to get enough complex carbohydrates (vegetables, fruits and nuts, as well as complex carbohydrates such as oats and unpolished rice etc)…

    Yeah…go high on protein sources such as meat and eggs.

    Eat your vegetables, fruits and complex carbohydrates such as Oats….

    Don’t forget your nuts… Almonds, Cashews etc..Peanuts are good, but are fatty…they are not nuts, but are legumes, by the way… Eat em, but don’t gorge on them…

    If you must eat Rice, then, go for the unpolished rice … you get them as Kai Kutthal Arisi these days… they are good…

    For fat, eat good fat…that is, any kind of fat, except Trans Fat… So, no fries or any fried stuff…

    Avacados are WONDERFUL for fat intake… You get them online and at some of the Kovai Pazhamudhir stores and elsewhere…

    Make sure to get ones that are not darkened (if skin has holes/cuts, they get oxiginated real quick).

    If all the above don’t satisfy your protein (and other) intake, then, go for Whey Protein, with water… Not sure if you can tolerate Whey… But, if you can…this is an EXCELLENT source of protein.

    [Do these sound ok to you and sound do-able for you !??

    Oh, and basically, avoid sugar items…and simple carbohydrates, along with friend items and Trans Fat … Coke/Pepsi…anything like that…avoid

    French Fries…avoid, Bun/Breads…avoid… even when they say whole grain bread…

    Less rice…more vegetables… Less Chapattis…more side dish (made from vegetables other than potato…) can also be made using dhal…

    MORE MEAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    MORE EGGS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    MORE VEGETABLES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MORE FRUITS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MORE NUTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    Meat in the sense ? Mutton ?


    Any kind of meat is ok, Devine…Obviously, a little more white meat than red meat…Mutton, pork, chicken, fish…Beef too, if you are ok to eat it… But don’t go terribly overboard with it…



    This is a high protein diet ? Carb content is less in what you recommended.


    Well, to talk about carbohydrates… let’s see…

    The following are salient points here…

    1) Carbohydrates are absolutely essential for your body…so, don’t STOP eating carbohydrates…
    2) Get your carbohydrates from Vegetables, Protein and from Nuts…
    3) Go for Complex Carbohydrates (such as Oats and Brown/Red/Unpolished rice)… avoid simple carbohydrates (polished white rice/chappathis etc) as a staple diet…

    4) Eating your Carbohydrates (as advised above) along with your protein is good because, eating Carbohydrates increases your Insulin Response in your body… Which means, what you eat get absorbed more by your body. So, if you are eating Proteins along with your Carbs, then, they get absorbed more and get absorbed quicker by your body.

    So, for all the above reasons, Carbohydrates are good… (essential in fact)…
    Hope the above suggestions make sense !?

    Let me know how it goes with your nutrition intake as well as with your exercise regimen, over the next couple of weeks.

    Feel free to share in group, or if you wish to keep the communication private, then, please feel free to forward details direct to my whatsapp too (if that’s what you want to do)…

    With this and add to this an active recovery schedule (as discussed in my suggestions earlier in the day)…you WILL GROW MUSCLE MASS ALL OVER YOUR BODY… Trust me… !!!!!!!

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