Entrepreneur Development Programs

As part of our Social Initiative to up and coming Entrepreneurs, Focus You Strength Academy along with Simply-Logic Technologies, has created the Chennai Business Circle group, which meets periodically.

At these meetings, we encourage Entrepreneurs to Network among themselves, provide opportunities for them to speak about their Business and how the group members can help them grow their business.

We also invite Industry Experts both from inside and outside the group, to present salient points about their areas of Expertise.  These are topics and issues that are Near and Dear to all Entrepreneurs...who then get an opportunity to meet with Industry Experts and to learn about various Business Areas that are of Immense Importance to all Businesses.

So far, we have had experts talk about Social Media Marketing, about Company Registrations and related Formalities, about how Mobile App Development, about how to Project our Image in a Positive Manner in Different Circumstances, about the new GST, about Tally and how it will help get our organizations under GST, about Marketing and Business Development for all our Businesses etc...

Many more such experts have been invited to present over the next several months...Topics such as Intellectual Property Rights, Marketing Research, Business Mentorship, HR for Business and many more are being planned.