Can a high BP patient run in the morning?

Assuming you are the high BP patient, here are some important questions for you:

  • How high is your BP? Are you on BP medications?
  • Do you know the cause of your high BP?
  • Any symptoms due to the high BP?
  • What is your body weight?
  • Are you “very” overweight?
  • Are you already following any changes to your diet, to mitigate your high BP (such as low sodium etc)?
  • Has your doctor advised you to do (or not to do) any activities to mitigate your high BP?
  • Are you usually a Sedentary or an Active person?
  • How old are you?

These are some of the questions that need to be answered, before a specific recommendation can be made by anyone.

However, if you have not seen a doctor about this already, please do so right away.

If you have already done so, then, has medicine been prescribed and are you taking them regularly?

If you are taking your prescribed medicines regularly, is your BP reading in the normal/acceptable range now?

If not, you first need to approach your doctor about this and need to get this corrected.

Regarding running in the mornings, you might try to start with less intense activities…walking for a short distance etc, and ensure that you do not feel any bad side-effects (dizziness and such).

In any event, you need to get your high BP to normal/acceptable levels ASAP. This is really your top-most priority.

Reducing sodium intake, reducing body weight to acceptable levels, if you are very over-weight etc can/will certainly help.

One last point; was the BP measurement taken in an appropriate manner?

If you do not already know how to do this correctly, look it up.

For instance, it is easy to get false (high) readings, if it was done incorrectly, such as if your feet were not flat on the ground, if you were stressed out driving on the way to the hospital, if you had a big meal and/or a cup of coffee/soft-drinks just before your BP was measured, if you were talking while measurements were taken, if the cuff was attached over clothing, if level of attached cuffs were lower than heart level etc etc…

Again, it is very important to get your BP levels to normal/acceptable levels right away. This is certainly your topmost priority over everything else!!!