Do core exercises like squats or the farmer’s walk help people lose weight/exhaust excess calories, or are there entirely different sets of exercises for that?

The most important thing to understand in this discussion is this:

You Cannot Out-Exercise a Bad Diet.

It doesn’t matter what exercises you do, how intense you work-out…… If you continue to eat in an unhealthy manner, you will continue to be overweight and unhealthy.

On the other hand, although this is not advisable, you can actually not workout at all and change your diet…and, just with this, can reduce your Extra Body Weight.

If you need more specifics regarding what changes are required diet-wise, let me know…

With regard to exercise, this helps and supplements in your efforts to lose Extra Body Weight. Proper exercise will,

  1. Help you burn more Calories
  2. Help you increase your Metabolism, so, your body burns more Calories than Stores them as Fat…essentially, also gives your body more reasons to Burn Calories than to Store them as Fat.
  3. In order for the above to succeed however, you will have to feed well. Nutritious Food…good quantities of it…containing lots of good Carbohydrates, good Protein and good Fat.
  4. Whatever you do, make sure that you do NOT get into a Starvation Mode (eating very little…skipping meals and such)… Your body will then, shut-down most Calorie Burning functions, will slow down your Metabolism drastically and will start Shunting Most Calorie Intake into Fat.
  6. Some Exercises are more effective for you in the long-term. Strength Training workouts will help you gain Strength as well as basic Conditioning.

In case you need more specifics regarding Exercise Selection…let me know…

Hope this helps!