Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Trainee’s concern:

“My major problem is when the weights start to get heavy for me I get scared. Then I’m ready to try something different….”,

Strength Coach P Horn’s gem of a response

“This is not your problem anymore. You embrace the fear. You love it when it feels heavy. You hate variety. You think people who make up bullshit excuses to justify their desire to do something easier are just scared, and you are not one of them. You are a lifter, and you lift heavy things. When you walk into the gym, you look around at all the bros doing arm work and five different chest exercises, and you smile because you know they don’t know what you know. Or, maybe they do, but they don’t have the balls to stay the course, put more weight on the bar and squat something they’re afraid they can’t squat. But you do that. You do that three days a week. You face your fear over and over and over. And sometimes you fail. Sometimes you can’t get another rep. But you show up for your next session, and you try again. You stick to your plan. You learn how to fail. You learn how to try again. You learn that it won’t kill you. And because you learned that, when life kicks you in the nuts, when your dog dies or your girlfriend dumps you or boss fires you, you can handle it. You can face it and feel it and know that you will get past it. And that, my friend, is more important that how much weight is on the bar. It’s supposed to feel heavy. You’re supposed to be scared. If you’re not, you’re not living. “