For the past three months I have been training hard but my muscles are not growing. What should I do?

  1. Ensure you have designed an Appropriate Workout Program, that,
    1. Has Compound Exercises that workout your entire body…not Body Part Split (Body Building type) Exercises
    2. I would recommend Squats, Deadlifts, (Overhead) Presses / Bench Press (alternating)… Include Power Cleans in about a months’ time. Include Chin-ups, as an additional Exercise, as on all days, right from the start.
    3. Has Progressive Overload as its Foundation, (you need to increase weight, progressively, in a meaningful manner, EVERY TIME you workout)
    4. Has Linear Progression built into it, (until you graduate from a Novice into an Intermediate)
    5. Should provide for appropriate Rest Days. You CANNOT work out everyday. In fact, workout no more than 3 days per week… 2 days per week is sufficient (3 days per week is much better/quicker results)… Any less than 2 per week or any more than 3 per week is NO GOOD.
  2. Ensure you eat healthy and eat well.
    1. You need a Calorie Surplus to grow…no two ways about this. You need to EAT WELL… INCREASE THE AMOUNT OF FOOD (GOOD FOOD…obviously, not Junk Food) you eat.
    2. Ensure you consume a LOT of Good Quality Protein with EVERY MEAL. A minimum of Number of Grams of Protein equal to your Body Weight in Pounds, is a GOOD START. Increase this, as your workouts increase in Intensity.
    3. Drink more MILK…whole…not skimmed stuff. If you can, GOMAD (Gallon of Milk a Day)… It is a LOT of milk, but, it WILL grow your Muscles… You can taper the quantity of milk consumed, over time (maybe in a couple of months or so).
  3. Make sure you Rest well. A minimum of 8–9 hours of sleep is MANDATORY.