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BR Srinivasan

You know, you could get “ripped” remaining lean…you could also get “ripped” by putting on a lot of muscle, like a body builder… You could also get “ripped” by actually getting really strong…

All the above will look different. So, you will probably need to realize what look it is that you are going for.

There are 2 important aspects that determine the above.

1. Nutrition
2. How much of an Active Lifestyle do you lead

Of these, Nutrition is the MOST IMPORTANT aspect. How you would do it, would be different based on how “ripped” you want to look (as discussed in the beginning). I would generally suggest the following:

i. Increase your Intake of Protein. This is VERY IMPORTANT. Protein are the much needed Fuel for Muscles. A Good Amount of Quality Protein with ALL YOUR MEALS is Mandatory.

ii. Cut out Fast Foods, Junk Foods and Colas of all kinds

iii. Reduce intake of Simple Carbohydrates (Flour, white Rice, white Bread…)

iv. Complex Carbohydrates (such as Oats) are good.

v. Vegetables are a Good Source of Carbohydrates, besides other Essential Nutrients.

vi. Dietary Fat is good…and does NOT make you FAT. However, the Trans Fat variety is NOT good.

vii If you want to grow bigger, then, you’ll have to have a Calorie Surplus (Eat More)… No other way around this.

viii When you put on muscle, you will also put on Fat… again, no way around this.. You can however, skew the development, such that there is much more Muscle Development than Fat Accumulation.


The other aspect is regarding how Active a Lifestyle you have. Let’s assume your job involves very hard manual labor day in and day out. That would be a VERY ACTIVE lifestyle. On the other hand, let’s assume that you have a Software Programmer Job. This would mean a VERY SEDENTARY JOB (physically Sedentary).

If your job tends to be more like a Software Programmer’s job, you will likely HAVE to find a way to workout in a gym regularly.

Being active will keep your Metabolism (how much Food Intake will be Expended as Energy, rather than Stored as Fat) high. A Sedentary Lifestyle will force your body to lower your Metabolism, thereby, more Food gets Stored as Fat.

You will therefore, need to decide based on your specific situation, (how active or sedentary your lifestyle is), and decide if you can afford not to go to the gym.

Being a Strength & Conditioning Coach, I would Strongly 🙂 Suggest that you attempt to get Stronger. This will keep you in Good Health and Fitness throughout your life.

Hope this helps!

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