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BR Srinivasan

Let us understand the situation and underline a couple of things here:

1. You are 15 years old, so, in your prime, as far as growth is concerned

2. Over 6 Feet Tall

3. Weight 102 kgs

4. Would like to reduce 20 kgs to get to a 80 kg body weight

5. Reduce (20 kgs) in 2 months

6. In my opinion, you don’t need to reduce weight at all.

Some of my suggestions are:


1. Avoid Junk Food/Fast Food/Soft Drinks of ALL kinds

2. Reduce Intake of Simple Carbohydrates, such as White Bread, White Rice, Flour…

3. Get your Carbohydrate Requirements from Complex Carbohydrates

4. Eat a LOT of Vegetables…they are a VERY GOOD SOURCE of Carbohydrates and other Essential Nutrients.

5. Eat Fruits.

6. Ensure that you have a Good Amount of Quality Protein with ALL YOUR MEALS.

7. Do NOT SKIP any Meals


9. Dietary Fat is good for you and will NOT make you fat. Avoid the Trans Fat type.


You need to give your body a reason to get Stronger and grow Muscle, rather than shunt Calories Consumed towards Fat Storage.

1. Lead an Active Lifestyle

2. Workout. I would recommend a Strength Training Program, which has Progressive Overload and Linear Progression as its Foundation.

3. While no one can avoid Stress in their day-to-day lives, do NOT let Stress affect you too much. Take it cool.

4. With all the above, you should be able to get Stronger, more Muscular (Strength Training will NOT make you look like a Bodybuilder), more Healthier.

In my opinion, 80 kgs Body Weight

1. For someone who is over 6 feet tall

2. Who is in the Prime of their Growing Age, at 15 years old

is grossly unhealthy. If you cut back on nutrition (that is, good food…not junk food), your growth will get affected adversely, which will lead to all kinds of health issues now and later on.

So, eat well…eat healthy…keep active…workout…be cool. You should do quite OK then.

Hope this helps!

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