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BR Srinivasan

A couple of pointers on Fundamentals that might help the understanding:

1. Light Weight Heavy Reps build size…(Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy)…and some amount of Strength

2. Heavy Weight…and, 5 or less Reps…builds Strength and some Hypertrophy…(MyoFibrillar Hypertrophy)

3. For any Sport, Practicing the Sport a Lot, is obviously quite Essential, and Builds Skill in the Sport. And, increases Strength to some extent.

4. Being Stronger will,
a. Cause less Injuries
b. Improve Performance

5. Workouts that get anyone/everyone Stronger are neither Person nor Sports Specific. The Fundamentals of Progressive Overload and Linear Progression (initially) when rightly applied, will get anyone (Sports persons and others) Quite a Bit Stronger…Fairly Quickly.

6. By Strength, we do NOT mean it as a Specialization. A Stronger Cricketer will have Far Less Injuries and can Perform Drastically Well, over a Weak (Not so Strong Cricketer).

7. Well, Conditioning though, IS SPORTS SPECIFIC. For example, the Conditioning Requirements for Golf are quite a bit Different than Conditioning Requirements for Badminton…

8. So, think of “Exercises” under the following Broad Requirements/Headings:
a. Sports Skill
b. Strength
c. Conditioning

9. Appropriate Nutrition to Support the Rigors of Sports AND Workouts and to help Athletes to Recover, is a MUST.

10. Similarly, Adequate Rest to Support Recovery is also a MUST. Simply pushing the athlete to do various Strenuous Exercises continually, will cause Over Training, which is a VERY BAD ZONE to get into.

11. Use all the pointers above, to devise an appropriate Training Program. Then, stick with this program, while reviewing, evaluating and updating periodically…

Hope this helps!