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BR Srinivasan

Well, as far as Natural Fat Burners are concerned, let’s look at it from the point of view of

1) Food
2) Eating Habits
3) Active Lifestyle
1) Food…

a) Go easy (eat in less quantities) Carbohydrates, especially simple carbohydrates. White Rice, Wheat, Flours etc are all simple carbohydrates… Meaning, they get digested very quickly…leading to Spurts in Blood Sugar Levels.

This IMMEDIATELY therefore, causes the Pancreas to produce INSULIN, whose function is to REMOVE the excess Blood Sugar from the blood and Place it into cells which store sugar and use them for energy requirements.

The issue with INSULIN (from a body weight perspective) is that, it is a FAT STORAGE hormone. So, the more INSULIN…the more you store as FAT.

b) If on the other hand, you eat Complex Carbohydrates, such as Oats, they don’t get digested very quickly and therefore, do NOT result in a spurt in Blood Sugar Levels and therefore, no spurt happens with INSULIN. Therefore, food eaten does NOT get stored as fat.

c) Increase your intake of Protein. This takes a lot more energy and time for the body to digest (unlike simple carbohydrates discussed above, which get digested very easily/quickly). Again, no spike in Blood Sugar and therefore, no spike in INSULIN. Therefore, less FAT STORAGE.

d) Here’s another important fact. Eating FAT (Dietary FAT is GOOD…except TRANS FAT), does NOT make you fat, for exactly the same reasons as discussed with Protein Intake above. Fat eaten does NOT go straight into Storage in the Body. It goes through the same digestion process, and since fat does NOT get digested easily, blood sugar does not get spiked and therefore less INSULIN….

e) Of course, if you eat ANYTHING a LOT, leading to much more Calories Consumed than Expended, then, it will likely get stored as Fat.

Summary: Eat very little of simple carbohydrates. Complex Carbohydrates are much better. Increase Protein Intake. Eating Fat does NOT make you FAT. In fact, eating FAT makes you thinner.
2. Eating Habits:

a) Eat your breakfast without fail.
b) Include a good amount of protein in your breakfast without fail.
c) Make sure to have atleast 4-5 hours between meals. NO SNACKING WHATSOEVER.
d) Eat your dinner early…the earlier, the better. If possible, by 7.00pm… NO SNACKING WHATSOEVER AFTERWARDS…NO FRUITS, NO MILK, NO NUTS, NO PEANUTS, NOTHING after dinner. Of course, drink as much water as you need to.
e) Do NOT DIET and go into Starvation mode. This will be COUNTER-PRODUCTIVE to your excess body-weight reduction goals.
f) Remember, SUPPLEMENTS are just that…they SUPPLEMENT (to be taken in addition to) actual/regular food. They are NOT a substitute for regular food.

3. Active Lifestyle:

a) You need to increase your metabolism. Meaning, your body needs to expend energy and not save food you eat as fat. For this, you need to let your body know that it is OK to do so.

b) You therefore, need to be active rather than sedentary. If you are sedentary, your body does NOT have a reason to expend energy. So metabolism goes down and therefore, when you eat any kind of food, your body saves it as FAT.

c) Eat well and eat healthy. If you eat less, as discussed above, your body will think food is scarce and will go into starvation mode…meaning, metabolism goes down and your body starts to store food as FAT… Why? Because you are giving it a reason to think that food is scarce…and body then goes into survival mode.

d) Don’t stress out…most things we stress out on are things that are out of our control and things that Don’t need us to stress that much about. It’s all in our minds and the way we look at things.
Stress causes GRAVE reactions in our body…none of them good…most of them REALLY BAD. So, REDUCE YOUR STRESS LEVELS.

e) Draw up a Training (Exercise) plan and stick with it. Don’t start feeling guilty after a short while. It’s ok to spend time on yourself. You owe it to yourself and to your near and dear ones, to stay healthy, (in both body and mind).

Join a group…consult with a proper / experienced Fitness Trainer. Certifications don’t always mean, the Trainer knows what he/she is talking about.

f) Take vacations, go to movies, eat out (but, eat healthy…), enjoy time at a resort…whatever it is that gets your relaxed…
These are all the things I can think of at the moment. If I think up more, will add later.
Any questions, feel free to shoot…