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BR Srinivasan

Another criteria is as much less oil, the better… So, if you try to eat omelette at a roadside eatery, and he is putting in 1 to 2 spoons of oil (God knows how many times this oil has been reused), and then puts in a heck of a lot of aginomoto, and then adds another couple of spoons of oil for
One side of the omelette and then, again another spoon or so for doing the other side… that’s obviously no good. So, cooked eggs are the best…but watch how they get cooked.

Uncooked eggs have the following problems:

1) you could get salmonella poisoning, if the eggs are not washed properly…most eggs we get are not, as you would have noticed

2) Uncooked eggs do not get absorbed properly by the body…so, eating/drinking wastes the egg really

3) There could be other problems, like lifelong respiratory allergies that you’ll develop, if you eat em raw…

So, avoid raw eggs, and watch how they get cooked. Otherwise, any way you cook em is good. Raw eggs…not so good

(Half Boiled) Not so good, because of the reasons stated above… too much oil (if used) and the uncooked portions can cause

a) salmonella poisoning
b) nutrients don’t get absorbed as much (if at all)
c) could cause respiratory allergies to you for life

Sainadh… eat both the egg whites and (all) the yolks…