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BR Srinivasan

Well, bananas are good (unless they have issues with being Genetically Modified or injected with chemicals/fertilizers etc)…but 6 bananas are a little too many. It appears that you are addicted to starch/sugar.

Try to overcome these cravings, by having healthier foods such as Proteins and Healthy Fats. They will reduce your cravings.

Remember, that to overcome your food cravings (such as, if you reduce taking rice quantities that you have been used to since childhood), it takes about 21 days, after which such cravings will be gone. Trust me…
So, substitute with healthier foods (they are a little more difficult to find and prepare…so, you need to plan a little more here)…and don’t reach for carbohydrates/s.tarch/sugar… You’ll be amazed at what GOOD THINGS this does to your body in a VERY SHORT TIME.