How can I develop mental sharpness and stamina?

This is a question that needs to be looked at from different angles.

You are bestowed with a certain amount of Intelligence and you are Special…well, just like everyone else is.

Some things to Ponder about:

  1. Most of the times, we are bothered by things, over which we exercise little or no control.
  2. Do the things that give you pleasure and that you are good at. Don’t get sucked into something which you do not have the aptitude or the interest for.

Let’s say, you don’t like Electrical Engineering as much as Mechanical Engineering, but are forced to Study EE, because that’s the only Engineering Branch of Study you could get admitted to, in a particular College.

You might get into a Job due to an increased pay…even though, the Job description is NOT to your satisfaction.

You might stick around with some “friends” who make you feel Inferior… You are just not comfortable in their company, and they bring out the worst in you. However, for whatever reason, you stick around with them.

DON’T do things similar to any/all the above. They will occupy and mess with you mind, keeping you in an unhappy state.

Dealing with Stress: You let Stress get to you…things you cannot avoid…others cutting you off in traffic, rude people…. You cannot live a life without encountering Stress everyday. It’s how you deal with it, that makes a difference. Again, if you are Stressed out all the time (Chronic Stress), it adversely affects your Mind (and your Body) in many different ways.

Keep a good Health (for your Body and Mind): If you don’t, diseases will put a LOT of limitations on you and will again, likely mess with your peace of mind. Stay Active. And, get into a Good Exercise Training Program and stick with it.

Eat Well…Eat Healthy: This is quite important too. Eating well (Quantity and Quality of Food) is important, as this is what keeps you feeling satisfied and away from hunger pangs, so you can concentrate on other things, that you want to concentrate on.

Keep on Learning: Meeting new people, Reading books, Learning new Skills………. the list is Endless. In short, don’t become Stale.

The above are all some of the things, to “develop mental sharpness”. By being Active, by not letting a whole bunch of things (some of them, discussed above) adversely affect you, keeping yourself abreast of new things (and people), you can be mentally sharp and stay that way.

By Mental Stamina, I take this to mean, being able to Concentrate on doing Hard Work, for Long Duration of time.

Well, first off, you need to avoid distractions. Mobile phones, TV, Social Media Interactions, Internet Surfing…and similar things are all Distracting. Not saying you should never get involved with them… However, keep away from these, when you are doing something that needs Concentrating on.

When you do get distracting thoughts, try to put your focus back on whatever you are working on.

Joining groups with similar interests are also important in keeping and maintaining your focus.

Have targets. Some of them are Self Imposed. Some of them could be Externally Imposed (these are said to be more effective).

Other than the above, the more you can take Initiatives without needing Direction… The more Self-Driven you are… The more Motivated you are… The more you want Achieve something… All play a part.

Hope this helps!