How can I get an aesthetic physique?

Some pointers towards this. Broadly, you’ll need to look at the following:

Proper Training Program
Proper Nutrition
Lifestyle Changes to ensure a Stress Free (as much as possible) Life
Proper Training Program: With regard to a Proper Training Program, you want to ensure that you work out a proper Training Program/Schedule. Do this yourself, if you know what you are doing. If not, approach a Professional to help you Design one. Ensure that the person is Qualified (only Certificates, means NOTHING…wearing a T-Shirt that has the words “Personal Trainer” Monogrammed somewhere means NOTHING). Ensure that the person has adequate Experience with the Training (they’ve trained themselves and others).

Remember, a good Training Program should Fit your Overall Goals for Health/Fitness.

Once you are Convinced and are Comfortable with the Training Program, Follow it diligently.

Proper Nutrition: General, Common Sense Advice states that you should Cut Down on Simple Carbohydrates…those that digest quickly and cause spikes in your Blood Sugar and therefore, in your Insulin levels. Carbohydrates are an ESSENTIAL Food and Energy Source. Ensure that you eat Complex Carbohydrates (ones that don’t digest quickly)…such as Oats (if you are NOT allergic to Gluten). Know that Vegetables are a GOOD source of Carbohydrates, in addition to providing Fantastic Essential Nutrients as well.

Make sure that you eat Adequate Protein with every meal (assuming you don’t have any Kidney issues). Your MUST ENSURE that good amount of Protein is eaten with your Breakfast. Also, the other meals (Lunch, Dinner) must have good Protein too.


Have 4–5 hours gap between meals. DO NOT SNACK ON ANYTHING BETWEEN MEALS.

Eat your Dinner Early…about 4–5 hours before you go to bed. Give a gap of 12–14 hours before you eat BREAKFAST next. DO NOT SNACK ON ANYTHING BEFORE BREAKFAST the next day.

Remember that eating FAT does NOT make you FAT and does NOT do damage to your Cholesterol status. All FAT are GOOD to eat…ALL Except Trans Fat.

For a more Detailed and Specific Dietary Guideline, you need to approach a Qualified Nutritionist.

Lifestyle Changes to ensure a Stress-Free (as much as possible): It is NOT worth it to be Stressed All the Time.

Chronic Stress is VERY DANGEROUS.

Stress in today’s environment is unavoidable. But, learn to take things easy, to minimize how Stressful things affect you, learn to deal with Stress in the Right Manner.

Relax when you can.

See, its like a Bank Account. Think of Stress as your Debits. Think of Relaxation, Calm and Peace as your Credit. You obviously need to Credit to be MORE than your Debits. If it is the other way around, then, Stress will start to take over your life…this is Chronic Stress…that exists almost all the time. This is DANGEROUS. Don’t let it happen.

Take time for yourself… Partake in activities that help you Enjoy and Relax. You DON’T have to feel GUILTY about it.

Hope this helps.