How can I increase my running speed easily?

Not sure if you are referring to Long Distance Running (Full/Half Marathon etc), Middle Distance Running (800, 1500, 3000 meters etc) or Sprints (100, 200 and such). So, this is a sort of Generic List of Suggestions.


Specialized Running Drills

The Specialized Speed Training for each of these, with regard to Running Drills, will vary depending on the specific event that you are training for. Best to approach a Coach who is Experienced and Knowledgeable in your Specific Event (Distance).

These Running Drills are Important, and are used to Sharpen Technique, Agility, Speed, Endurance etc.


Increasing your Overall Strength, is Very Important and will help translate in Better Performance as well as in Reduced Injuries.

Compound Exercises that work your whole body, such as Squats (Back Squats, Front Squats and some variations if/when required), DeadLifts, Overhead Press (yes, these will help too, overall), Chinups/Pull-ups/Dips will help increase your overall strength.

Some Explosive Training using the Olympic Lifts (Cleans, Snatches) will help increase explosiveness (will help especially with the Sprints and with the Shorter Distance Races).

However, these will need to be programmed for very cautiously, considering timing issues, related to in-season, off-season, pre-season, post-season…

MOST (if not all) Strength Training can be common across all sports (and are effective for persons not involved in sports as well).


Other than for General Physical Preparedness (GPP), Conditioning drills need to be VERY SPECIFIC to the (sport) Running Event Distance. The Metabolic Conditioning needs to take into account the various Energy Systems that will be used by our bodies during the race and the times & duration, when they will get used. With these in mind, Conditioning Drills need to be designed to Accommodate and Develop those areas.

Pushing the Prowler (and Pulling a Sled) can provide for Excellent Conditioning Drills, if Programmed for Correctly.


Nutrition is an EXTREMELY IMPORTANT area. Ensure that you are eating enough quantities of good quality Protein with ALL your Meals. Carbohydrates and Fats are very important too.

Rest & Recovery

Do not overlook this area that is CRITICAL to Sport Performance.

Sufficient Sleep (8-10 hours everyday) is Mandatory. Sufficient gaps between workouts, so the body can Recover and Adapt to Perform Better are also CRITICAL.

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