How do I lose belly fat even if I eat rice?

A difficult question to answer, especially without a face-to-face discussion, Here are some basics for you to consider.

Excess Fat, especially around the Belly area is caused by:

1) Eating Excess Calories (you eat much more than you use/burn)

2) Eating a LOT of Food Items with Low Glycemic Load values

3) Leading a Very Sedentary Lifestyle

4) You might be Carbohydrate Intolerant / Pre-Diabetic or Diabetic

5) For sure, you are Leptin Resistant

6) Eat well. Yes, this IS IMPORTANT.

Before even getting into more details, Excess Fat accumulation around the Belly Area (Apple like Body Shape) very likely means that you could be Pre-Diabetic or Diabetic. This is very serious.

In case you haven’t already, please visit your Doctor to check this out…do this right away.

Now for some details on the above topics…

1) Eating Excess Calories…while this is NOT the whole story for weight-loss by any means, it is certainly an important factor.

Eat only when you feel hungry.

Maintain Portion Control (eat less quantities).

Do NOT eat Fast Food or Soft Drinks of ANY KIND.

Eliminate (at-least minimize) Snacking between meals.

2) Foods that digest easily, cause spikes in Blood Sugar levels. This in turn, causes a lot of the hormone Insulin to be produced. Insulin can be thought of as a Fat Storage Hormone. So, generally speaking, more Insulin Production leads to Excess Body Fat Accumulation.

Therefore, eating foods that have Low Glycemic Load values (Complex Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats…yes, all Fats are good, except Trans Fat), do not cause Insulin Levels to Spike, thereby reducing Storage as Excess Body Fat.

3) Your body tends to get into a state of Reduced Metabolic Rate, and starts storing Calories as Excess Body Fat, if you lead a Sedentary Lifestyle.

Get Active.

Walk to the Grocery Store.

Walk up the Stairs to your Office.

Get off the Chair, every Half Hour to Forty Five minutes.

Help out with Household Chores.

Keep Busy with simple Plumbing

and Electrical Work at home, (but, ONLY if you are Qualified).

Gardening (where possible), is an EXCELLENT way to burn Calories.

4) If you have perhaps, eaten a Carbohydrate-centric diet most of your life, you are likely Carbohydrate Intolerant. Reduce intake of Carbohydrates (especially Simple Carbohydrates) and Increase intake of Protein and Fat (as mentioned earlier, any kind of Fat, except Trans Fat).

5) If you have Excess Body Fat, that means you are Leptin Resistant. Leptin is one type of Hormone, produced by Fat Cells, which signal the Brain to stop feeling the need to eat. Leptin is produced when we have eaten sufficiently. However, if you are Leptin Resistant, then, even though Leptin gets produced, your Brain does not recognize this and continues to make you feel like you need to keep eating. Fortunately, Leptin Resistance is Relatively Easier to Reverse. Follow these guidelines.


b) Eat a Good Amount of Quality Protein with ALL YOUR MEALS.

c) Keep a gap of 4-5 hours between Meals…DO NOT SNACK ON ANYTHING IN-BETWEEN.

d) Eat Dinner Early (like around 6 pm to 7 pm where possible). That is, at-least 4 hours or so, before you go to bed.

e) Keep a gap of 12-14 hours between Dinner and Breakfast the Next Day…DO NOT SNACK ON ANYTHING, IN-BETWEEN.

The above guidelines are EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE to Reverse Leptin Resistance and to reduce Excess Body Fat.

6) Whatever you do, do NOT skip meals often and do NOT eat very less quantities often. This will cause your body to get into Starvation Mode, which is totally Counter Productive to your Weight Loss (and Health) Goals.

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