How do I lose weight when I am working from 10 to 8? I work with a bank and can’t cook food for myself. Living in a remote area where I can’t find the brown bread, brocolli and all.Also there is no gym in our area.

If you look hard enough, you’ll always find a way. It does not have to be the Conventional/Traditional way, but, still there will be a way to get things done, if you look hard enough…and perhaps, think outside-the-box somewhat.

The situation is specific to you, and only you know the exact details. So, you’ll have to figure this one out yourself.

Here are some guidelines:

Proper Nutrition: This is WAY MORE IMPORTANT than anything else.

a. The kind of foods you eat is important. AVOID Fast Foods, Absolutely AVOID Colas / Soft Drinks of any kind. Reduce Simple Carbohydrates (the kind that digest very quickly and cause spikes in your Blood Sugar and Insulin Levels). Consume Complex Carbohydrates (things that do NOT digest Quickly). Note that Vegetables are an EXCELLENT source of Carbohydrates besides other Nutrients. Ensure that you eat LOT of GOOD QUALITY Protein (make sure you do not have any Kidney issues before you do this). Note that eating FAT is good and will NOT MAKE YOU FAT or destroy your Cholesterol Numbers.

b. Portion Control is Very Important. Eat less portions. Eating a couple of slices of pizza once in a while is not an issue. However, eating a Whole Large Pizza (with Fries, Ketchup, Breadsticks and perhaps a Large Coke/Pepsi to go with it), is certainly NEVER A GOOD IDEA.

c. When you eat is also quite important. Eat adequate Quantities of Protein with you BREAKFAST… NEVER SKIP YOUR BREAKFAST. Give it about 5 hours between meals… NEVER SNACK BETWEEN MEALS. Have your Dinner as early as possible… Ideally, about 5 hours before you go to bed. DO NOT SNACK ON ANYTHING BEFORE BREAKFAST the next morning.

2. Be active…do NOT lead a Sedentary Life. Walk to the Grocery Store…don’t take your Car or Motorbike. Walk up and down the Stairs…avoid the Elevator. Get involved with (help with) household chores both inside and outside the house. Do some of the simpler plumbing, carpentry, painting work yourself. Do some of the Gardening work yourself.

3. Proper Exercise Program: Understand what your Fitness Goals are. Design and Training Program that suits your Fitness Goals. You can do this yourself if you know what you are doing. If not, approach a QUALIFIED PROFESSIONAL to design one for you. Once you are comfortable with your Training Program, stick with it. You’ll need to periodically monitor your progress and make changes as required.

4. Manage Stress: In today’s environment, no one can completely avoid stress. However, it is up to you regarding how you let it affect you. Don’t get overly stressed when someone cuts you off in traffic…take it easy. Start early to work, so that you don’t sit in your car fuming when you run into a traffic snarl. Do things that give you pleasure… If you like to go to the movies, do so… Eating Out, Going on Vacation, Practicing your Favorite Musical Instrument, or Singing, or Dancing…. whatever it is… Do it, without feeling guilty.

With all the above acting in Tandem, I am sure you will lose your Excess Body Weight in a Healthy Manner.

While you shouldn’t obsess about it, using the above guidelines, you should be able to figure out, how best to make your specific situation work for you and not against you.

Hope this helps!