How do you lose fat quickly without losing lean muscle when you are at 12% body fat?

Some points to Ponder:

  1. When you need to build muscle, you’ll have to gain body weight. This means that you WILL also gain FAT. You can skew this towards MORE muscle, less FAT…with proper Exercise and proper Nutrition. But, you cannot make it like 100% Muscle Growth with NO FAT gains…Not possible.
  2. The Reverse holds true also. When you like to Lose Body Fat, you’ll need to lose body weight. Which means, you’ll lose Muscle too as you lose FAT. Again, you can Skew this in the direction you like. With proper Exercise and proper Nutrition.
  3. Establish your Health/Fitness Goals…this is the First and Important Step.
  4. Next, design a Training Program to achieve this. If you know what you are doing, can be done by yourself. If not, approach a QUALIFIED Professional to design one for you.
  5. Once you are Comfortable with a Training Program…stick with that.
  6. As far as Nutrition is Concerned…avoid Simple Carbohydrates (ones that digest quickly), avoid Fast Food and Junk Food, of course. And definitely Colas. Avoid them at all costs.
  7. Eat Complex Carbohydrates (ones that don’t digest quickly). Note that Vegetables are an EXCELLENT source of Carbohydrates and other Essential Nutrients.
  8. Eat a LOT of Good Quality Protein with ALL your Meals.
  9. Note that eating FAT does NOT make you FAT or Destroy your Cholesterol Numbers. All FAT are good to eat … ALL Except TRANS FAT.
  10. Having said all the above…one important point to note. A good amount of Body Fat is Healthy and has been shown to Improve LONGEVITY. This is true EVEN FOR people with Afflictions such as Diabetes and Heart Disease.
  11. If anything, would recommend you increase your Body Fat percentage to about 15% or so.
  12. Unless you are a Body Builder or a Career Athlete, can’t see a reason for you to drop from your existing 12% body fat.
  13. And, MOST IMPORTANT of all… Ensure that you are using proper methodology to measure Body Fat percentage. Don’t fall for GIMMICKS.

Hope this helps.