How does one gain both more visible muscle and bulk along with strength?


In order to be able to Increase Muscle Size and Strength, the following are my Suggestions:

Rest Well

a) You need at-least 8 Hours of Sleep (10 hours preferable) everyday. This is Very Important and is more often than not, overlooked.

Eat Well

a) Need to eat sufficient quantities of Good Quality Protein, with EVERY MEAL.For Muscle Protein Synthesis (MPS)  / Muscle Growth, to occur, ensure that the Protein you eat, contains at-least 3 grams of Leucine.

b) Need to eat, at-least 1 gram Protein, per Pound (NOT Kilogram) Body Weight. This is a good STARTING POINT.

c) Need to eat more Protein, NOT LESS, as you age.

d) Don’t forget your Carbs and Fats too, in your Meals.

e) Ensure 3–5 hours Gap Between Meals.

f) REMEMBER THAT YOU NEED TO BE IN A CALORIE SURPLUS STATE (MORE CALORIES IN THAN OUT), for you to be able to Grow Muscles. Although Difficult/Very Hard, it is possible to Grow Stronger on a Calorie Deficit Diet. However, to be able to Grow Muscles’ Size, you need to be in a Calorie Surplus State.

Workout Well

a) Compound Exercises that workout your Full Body (rather than Body Part Split Exercises) work best, at building Muscles.

b) Exercises such as the Back Squat, the Deadlift, the Press, the Bench Press, all provide the best ways to grow Strength and Muscle.

c) Also, while Increasing Intensity (Weights) increases Strength, you will need to also Increase Volume(# Sets and #Repetitions) to increase Muscle Size (Hypertrophy).

d) After a while, Increases in Volume will also be necessary to provide enough Stress to produce Strength Increase.

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