How long does it take to lose 30% belly fat without a treadmill?

A specific time-frame cannot be specified, as that depends on a LOT of factors, such as your present body composition, how fit you are, how active you are, your nutritional intake everyday, how stressed out you are etc.

However, the MOST important factor that determines how much fat you will lose and how soon, will depend upon your NUTRITION. No amount of Exercise, whatever the exercise maybe, will compensate UnHealthy Food Habits. You cannot out exercise, bad diets.

So, do not worry about the treadmill (although, exercising will help, but again, as mentioned above, NUTRITION is the MOST IMPORTANT factor).

If you have significant Belly Fat at the moment, then, for sure you are Insulin Resistant, perhaps pre-diabetic or even Diabetic. In case you have not done so already, please visit your Doctor and get tested for Diabetes.

Towards changing your Nutritional intake, you could Reduce your Daily Calorie Intake, and of course, increase your activity (Exercise and non-Exercise activities) to Increase Calorie Output. You could also Change your Food (Macro) Composition.

My suggestions are:

  1. Eliminate Sugary Drinks altogether (Soft Drinks, Juices…anything with Sugar)
  2. Eliminate simple Carbohydrates (Rice, Wheat, Bread…and all related food items (such as Idli, Dosa, Chapatti)…
  3. Eliminate Starchy “Vegetables” such as Potato
  4. Eat more Vegetables and Greens
  5. Eat more Complex Carbohydrates (such as Oats)
  6. Eat Protein with ALL your Meals (Good Quality Protein)
  7. Eating Fat is Good for you,
    1. All Fat except Trans Fat are good to eat.
    2. However, Fat is VERY Dense Nutritionally…you could overeat fat easily (and quickly add a lot to your Calorie Intake). So, watch out.
    3. Fat is pretty Satiating though, so that is a HUGE positive.
    4. Fat does not Increase Insulin Levels significantly, if at all… This is yet another HUGE positive.
  8. Reduce your Stress Levels. While avoiding Stress in impossible, you can control your reactions to stress. Be Cool…do NOT stress out. Especially, ensure that you are not Stressed Out ALL the time.
  9. Give yourself 4-5 hours gap between meals. Do NOT snack (at all) in-between meals.
  10. Eat your Dinner as early as possible in the evening. Give a gap of 10-12-16 hours gap between Dinner and Breakfast the next morning.
  11. In addition to all the above, you could try Intermittent (or even Extended Fasting). This will give you results much more quickly. However, don’t jump into an extended fast right away. You will need to work your way slowly towards increasing your Fasting times.
  12. If you go on Extended Fasts then, ensure your salt levels are OK, stay hydrated, and do the right things when the Fasting ends and you start Re-Feeding.
  13. Be very sure that if you are Diabetic and on Medications/Insulin Injections, to test your Blood Sugar levels with any changes to your Diet/Exercise/Activities. Ensure that you do not get into a Hypo Glycemic (Low Blood Sugar) state, which could be fatal.

Any/all the above, will help you reduce Belly Fat.

Important Note: None of the above should be construed as Medical advice. Please visit your Doctor and/or Nutritionist before making any Sudden (and Drastic) changes to your Medication (in fact any change to your Medication should be approved by your Doctor), your Nutrition and to your Activity Levels.