How much carbohydrates should a man consume to get lean muscle mass?


To ensure we all understand the terminology the same:

Lean Muscle is the Total Body Weight minus Weight due to Fat Mass.

Types of Foods:

While there are Essential Amino Acids (Building Blocks of Proteins) and Essential Fatty Acids (Fats), there are no Essential Carbohydrates.

In fact, Vegetables are good sources of Carbohydrates too.

Avoid simple Carbohydrates such as White Rice, White Flour etc. Complex Carbohydrates digest much slower than Simple Carbohydrates and therefore, do no cause spikes in Insulin and keep you feeling full for longer.

Proteins, are Essential for Muscle Growth.

All Fats (except Trans Fat) are good to eat. Fats give you twice the energy than Carbohydrates and Proteins.

Working Out:

In addition to Food Intake, Working Out makes gets your Fit/Healthy and increases Muscle Mass.


And, don’t get Stressed out too much.


In summary then, eat good Carbohydrates (Vegetables, Complex Carbohydrates…), good amount of Proteins with each and every Meal. Dietary Fat (except the Trans Fat variety) are good to eat.

Have an Active Lifestyle, a good Exercise Regimen and don’t Stress Out too much.


  • Eat Slow
  • Eat Only when Hungry
  • Do not Skip any Meals… Do NOT Skip Breakfast
  • Eat a Good Amount of Protein with ALL your Meals
  • Leave a gap of 4-5 hours between Meals… Do NOT Snack at all between Meals
  • Leave a gap of 10-12 hours between Dinner and Breakfast the Next Morning
  • Hydrate well


All the above information should help you decide the Appropriate Amount of Food (and Carbohydrates) and other Activities that are needed to Increase Muscle Mass, given your Specific Situation.