I recently joined gym and I wanna gain some weight. What are the cheap and best foods to consume?

Consider the following:

Just “going to the gym” and eating “cheap food”, are not going to be healthy things to do, generally speaking. So, I’ll make my answer, a bit extensive.

First and Foremost… HEALTHY Weight Gain means more contribution from Stronger and Bigger Muscles and Denser Bones, rather than from UnHealthy Fat. In order for this to happen,

  1. You’ll need to give your body a Reason to Get Stronger/Fitter/Bigger. Strength Training is the BEST possible way for this to happen, as it aids in Getting you Stronger and Bigger, due to More Contributions from Increases to Muscle Mass and Bone Density. In the process, you are bound to gain more Fat, which in itself, is NOT a bad thing. You can also Skew the Development, to happen more towards your Muscles and Bone, with the right Exercise Training Program and with the right Nutrition.
  2. So, it is Important to design a Good Training Program, personalized to your Specific Situation and Needs…you can do this yourself if you know what you are doing. If not, you’ll need to approach a Qualified Professional to get this done. Once you are Satisfied and Comfortable with your Training Program, stick with it. Note that Progressive Overloading is a VERY IMPORTANT Concept and you (and/or the “Qualified Professional” needs to understand this before Designing the Training Program.
  3. To Support your Workouts in the Gym (which should happen in alignment with your Training Program), you need Proper Nutrition. Eliminate Fast Foods and Colas (Soft Drinks) of ANY kind. Reduce intake of Simple Carbohydrates (that get digested very quickly and cause spikes in your Blood Sugar and Insulin Levels)… Ensure that you eat more Complex Carbohydrates (those that do not digest quickly…such as Oats…). Note that Vegetables are an EXCELLENT source of Carbohydrates and other Nutrients. Make sure to eat ADEQUATE QUANTITIES of Protein with EVERY MEAL. As you grow Older, you need MORE PROTEIN…not less. Make sure you don’t have any Kidney issues, though. Ensure you eat Good Quality Fats (except the Trans Fat variety).
  4. Another aspect of Support you’ll need is Adequate Rest. Make sure you get at-least 8 hours of sleep every day. Rest and Recovery is Just as if not More Important than actually Working Out.
  5. Don’t let Stress Get to you. Take it easy…relax. Chronic Stress (that stays with you always) is VERY BAD.

If you look at each of the above aspects and take care of all of them, surely you’ll gain a Lot of Healthy Weight, and lead a Healthy, Peaceful Life.

Hope this helps!