Is our daily routine exertion equivalent to workout?

The answer is Definitely NOT.

Well, for each of us, our Daily Routine Exertions are Different. Depends upon our Lifestyle, Depends upon our Work, Depends upon how Fit we are to begin with. However, no amount of Strenuous Daily Routines are a Replacement for Working out.

Let me Clarify.

If you are doing the Same Routines every day, your body is already Adjusted/Adapted to them. So, if you are in a labor job that needs you to lift 50 bags of cement every day…granted this is Strenuous. Still your body gets Adapted to this…so you do get Fit and Strong to a Certain Extent…and Remain that way. This is because, your body does Not Have a Reason to get Fitter/Stronger, than you already are.

This is where the Advantages of Working Out take over.

Now, there is a HUGE difference between Exercising (you do whatever/how much ever, you feel like doing that day, when you go to the gym) and Training (you have a Fitness Goal and Design a Training Program to attain those Fitness Goals and stick with your Training Program). Going to the Gym and Exercising does nothing for you. Training (as described above) will Yield Positive Results.

The Concept of Progressive Overload Must be Understood.

Your Body NEEDS a REASON to get Fitter/Stronger in any area. So, you Stress the Body in a Manner that you want it to Adapt. So, if you Run Long Distance, Swim Long Distance… (Cardio type of Exercises), your body gets better at Cardio. It does not Get Stronger. But, still, you’ll need to improve your Running (Distance and Speed) Progressively, as part of an appropriate Training Program.

If you Lift Weights, you Stress your Body in a Manner that makes it Adapt by Getting Stronger. Obviously, here too, Progressive Overloading … where you increase weights every time you go to the gym, as part of a well thought out Training Program, is the way to go.

So, given the above, if you continue with your Daily Routines, even if they are Quite Rigorous, your Body does not Get Fitter/Stronger beyond a Certain Point, as it does not have a Reason to Adapt anymore.

A Well Thought of Training Program and your Adherence to it (as well as Appropriate Nutrition, Rest and Recovery Schedule and a Lifestyle that Minimizes Stress and how it Affects you), will help you get Fitter/Stronger, and to lead a Very Healthy, Peaceful Life.

Hope this helps!