Is running an effective cardio for loosing a ton of body fat percentage?

Your Nutrition is your Number 1 Priority, with regard to Losing EXCESS Body Fat. You cannot out exercise a bad diet.

Any Activity/Exercise is WAY better than No Activity/No Exercise.

By Running, if you mean Long Distance Running (as opposed to Sprinting), yes, it is a good exercise…if you love Running. However, there are much better ways to Exercise, with the objective of losing weight.

High Intensity Interval Training is much much much more effective (and efficient, in terms of time necessary to get it done), than Long Slow Distance (LSD) running.

Strength Training (following a proper Training Protocol/Regimen) is quite effective at raising your Metabolism, Increasing your Strength and Muscle Sizes as well as Increasing Bone Density…all of which will be very effective to help lose EXCESS Body Fat.

Getting involved with any Sport (that involves a good amount of Physical Activity), is pretty good too.

Basically, get to be more active… Taking the Stairs rather than the Elevator where possible, walking to the nearest store, rather than take your car/two-wheeler etc, would help.

However, as mentioned at the very beginning, your Nutrition plays the MOST IMPORTANT ROLE in helping you lose EXCESS Body Fat.

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