Is sella rice better than normal rice for diabetics?

Different foods have Differing Effect on Blood Glucose on

1.Various people, and in fact,

2.Does not stay the same during Different Times.

3.In fact, the Effect is also Absolutely Dependent on the Quantity Eaten, and on,

4.What Other Foods were Eaten Together with this.

However, it is quite easy for you to see what effect Sella Rice, or for that matter, any kind of Food has on your Blood Glucose, by TESTING.


After eating a small quantity, wait for about 30–45 minutes and test BG level using a good Home Monitor. The accuracy of these home monitors are pretty close to testing at the Lab.

Based on the results, you would then know, the effect on BG, on yourself, under these specific circumstances.

Generally speaking, go easy with (or try to avoid) simple Carbohydrates. Complex Carbohydrates take longer to get digested and therefore, have a more benign effect on BG. You also eat less and feel full/satiated longer.

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