Should I stop weight training?

If you do not have any specific physical issue (such as Previous Injury from other Activities…Physical Deformities…), then, either your Training Program (the kind of Exercise, the Amount of Weights Used, Number of Reps per Set, Number of Sets, Number of times the Exercise is done every week…) and/or your Exercise Form Needs to be looked at.

Generally speaking, you should have a Training Program which you need to draw up yourself (if you know what you are doing) or you should seek professional (qualified Professional help…who you respect and with whom you are comfortable) to get one designed. You should then stick to the program.

Other than that, have another Qualified person check your Exercise Form.

If it is just the one Exercise that is causing you these issues, then, you might want to stop doing that Exercise specifically and continue with the others and make sure your Training Program and Exercise Form get sorted out, before doing this Exercise again.

Hope this helps.