We are a Black Iron Gym

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have always been proud of the fact that we are a Black Iron Gym.

Now then…what’s a Black Iron Gym?

Let me put it this way…

Your gym is NOT a Black Iron Gym, if…

1. Machines Exclusively…no Free Weights

Well, if your gym contains exercise machines exclusively…with very little(or no) free weights,and perhaps, limited to a small corner area, which is hardly seen or used by anyone.

2. Mirrors all around

There are Mirrors all around, with people constantly checking how they look in the mirror, particularly their arms (biceps and triceps).

3. Gloves – Everyone is Wearing Gloves

Everyone (women and men) is wearing Gloves, as they don’t want to get their palms calloused or roughened.

4. Equipment, All Look NEW…ALL THE TIME

Squeaky clean looking equipment, which is all chrome plated and bright…ALWAYS…NOT to be confused with a clean, well-maintained gym. Basically, looks like equipment are new and haven’t been used much, if at all.

This is very beneficial, yes… but, only to the gym owners…NEVER to the paying clients of the gym.

5. Hard/Heavy Lifting NOT Allowed

Whenever you try to work-out hard, or God forbid, try to lift something heavy, gym personnel counsel you right away about how dangerous that is and instruct you never to repeat it again.

No hard work or heavy lifting of any kind allowed…ever.

6. Grunting or Making any kind of Noise NOT Allowed

No grunting or making noise allowed, as you (attempt to) do hard work.

If ever you do get to get in some hard work-outs (and/or get some heavy lifting done), you are then prone to making some noise (such as grunting). When this happens and the gym manager comes rushing to you, asking you to tone it down, as (according to him) it will be a disturbance or that it will be intimidating to other gym members…

7. Dropping Weights NEVER Allowed

Obviously, with no heavy lifting allowed, Olympic Style Weight Lifting is out of the question, and it then follows that dropping of weights (even when appropriate) is NEVER ALLOWED.

For one, there are no bumpers or platforms to do Olympic Style Weightlifting. And then, dropping weights are thought of as causing disturbance or intimidation to the other gym users.

In reality, there isn’t anyone among the gym staff who is knowledgeable with Lifting Heavy Weights or with Olympic Style Weightlifting. Therefore, not surprisingly, no one is available to coach these very effective Exercises.

It follows undoubtedly,that these are banned from the gym.

8. Gym Chalk NOT Allowed

Obviously, as there is a policy in place, never to let anyone work-out hard or to lift anything too heavy, use of gym chalk (which helps with your grip, when you lift heavy) is absolutely prohibited… Especially, since they make the floor and the equipment look as if they have been extensively used and takes away their squeaky clean look…

9. Everyone is using Extremely Light Weights over a Gazillion Reps

This then, is more of a Body Building Style gym. Not for you, unless you are into Body Building and that’s what you want to do.

Here, emphasis is ALWAYS on body-split type training and almost always done on Exercise Machines.

Otherwise, there are LOTS of Cardio Equipment.

10. Training versus Exercising

No training records are ever maintained. No one gets coached on what to do, how to do, when to do and/or how much to do…

No one has a Goal or a Training Plan…

Everyone comes in and works out according to their whims and fancies, while feeling very good, when they get sweaty and feel a pump.

No real significant progress continues to happen, to the client’s Strength, Fitness or overall Health, except perhaps for a brief while, at the very beginning.

So now, I hope you understand what kind of a gym we are, when I said that we are a Black Iron Gym!!!

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