What are dos and donts of running?


    1. Have Clear Health Goals for yourself
    2. If Running will help you attain those Health Goals, then, do take up Running.
    3. Approach a Good/Qualified Running Coach.
    4. Running Coach will provide you a Good Training Program.
    5. Running Coach will help you with general Nutrition, Hydration and Dress/Outfit Advise.
    6. Follow your Running Coach’s advises…ALL of them.
    7. Join a Running Group.
    8. Running Group will help you with maintaining Schedules and will Motivate you to Work towards your Goal.
    9. Remember, Running involves a LOT of different kinds… For example, 100 Meters Sprint and a Full Marathon or an Ultra Marathon are very very very different kinds of Running, obviously requiring VERY VERY VERY different training programs.
    10. Warm-ups before your Runs and Cool-Downs after completing your Runs are Mandatory
    11. Strength Training (in addition to your Running Program) will help you gain Strength, thereby, Lessening/Eliminating Injuries and will also help Improve your Running Performance.
    12. Consult with your General Physician and ensure you get cleared for Strenuous Workouts, especially as you age.


    1. Well, don’t not do any of the above
    2. Don’t Procrastinate, Remain Sedentary and Postpone your Start Date… Start NOW.
    3. Don’t Skimp on your Rest and Recovery. R&R is when you get better at any sport. Rest Sufficiently.
    4. Don’t Skimp on your Nutrition, thinking that will be a good way to reduce weight. You need to Eat Well and Eat HEALTHY.
    5. Don’t go Light on Hydration… this is VERY important.
    6. Don’t over use your Running Shoes… Replace them according to their Recommended Usage Schedule.