What are some of the best exercises for increasing stamina?

Stamina can also be called as Conditioning in the Fitness World.

The most important thing with Conditioning is that it is Specific to the activity.

If you are an Athlete, then, Conditioning is different for a Marathon Runner, for a 100 meters Sprinter, for a Tennis Player, for a Badminton Player, for a Football Player, for a Boxer…… Consider the requirements for a Badminton or a Racket Ball Player…constant movement, with hardly any rest. On the other hand, for a Baseball Player, this is vastly different. Therefore, their training for Conditioning NEEDS to also be different.

For a non-athlete, it depends on how Unconditioned the person is, at the moment and where he/she would like to get to (in terms of Fitness). If the person is unable to even walk comfortably to the shop at the end of the road, then that is quite different from someone who would like to walk up ten flights of stairs to his office everyday.

The best Conditioning exercises are simply to do the real thing. So, for athletes, Practicing their Sport, is perhaps, the most important, to build skill in the Sport as well as to adequately Condition themselves for the Sport.

For a non-athletic person, walk more, jog more, climb steps more and this would get pretty good results over time.

Remember, ANY activity is WAY BETTER than NO ACTIVITY.

Additionally, the Prowler is one of the Best Tools that could be used for Conditioning. However, you will,

  1. Need access to a Prowler. For this,
    1. You will either need to buy a Prowler. You will also need to buy some Weights to add to the Prowler. You will also need some space (parking lot, street…) on which to push the Prowler.
    2. You could also get membership at a Gym that has Prowlers and Related Equipment (weights) and Facilities (Track on which to Push the Prowler) that allow for Prowler Workouts.
  2. Need to Program your Prowler workouts appropriately. You can do this yourself, if you know how. If not, you will need a Coach/Trainer to do the Programming for you.

Prowlers are EXTREMELY versatile in that you could Titrate the Loads Up and Down and there are Gazillions of workouts that suit your Specific Conditioning Requirements. Prowler workouts are VERY EFFECTIVE at increasing the Conditioning of anyone using it, that knows how to use them appropriately.

The other SUPER ADVANTAGE of Prowlers are that they do not cause Wear and Tear associated with the usual Conditioning Drills (such as Running, performing Barbell Complexes and such). Therefore, less time is needed for Recovery and more time can be devoted towards Training and other activities.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is another EFFECTIVE way to get Conditioned. However, in comparison with the Prowler, HIIT needs higher Recovery times.