What are some of the exercises that one can do everyday to stay fit at home with minimal cost?

You need to define what Fitness is to you.

Let’s assume that you are a middle-aged person, usually very Busy at a mostly Physically Sedentary and a Mentally Stressful Job. Fitness to you would mean not to put on a Tummy, to Keep your Blood Sugar and Blood Pressure under Control, not Gasp for Breath if you have to Walk up one Flight of Stairs…things like that.

So, two things to do:

1) Eat Healthy, but Don’t Overeat

  • Avoid Soft-Drinks and Junk Food completely
  • Do NOT buy Soft-Drinks and Junk Food for home storage…you do NOT need to work HARD to abstain from eating Junk, if you don’t have them stored at home
  • In fact, AVOID doing grocery purchases when you are hungry
  • Try to Eliminate Simple Carbohydrates such as as White Rice, White Flour…
  • Complex Carbohydrates such as Oats are good
  • Eat a Good Amount of Quality Protein with ALL your Meals
  • Do NOT Skip Meals….Do NOT Skip Breakfast (a bit of a repeat…yes)
  • Have a gap of 4-5 hours between meals….Do NOT Snack between meals
  • Eat your Dinner early…about 3-4 hours before bed…Do NOT Snack afterwards
  • Have a gap of 10-12-14 hours between your Dinner and Breakfast the next morning (NO SNACKING on ANYTHING, in-between)
  • Eat ONLY when hungry (Eliminate Emotional Eating/Binging)
  • Eat Slowly and Chew your Food Well
  • Hydrate Well

2) Keep an Active Lifestyle (definitely outside of work…maybe even a bit while at work)

  • Keep Active
  • Walk whenever you can…even to the nearest Grocery Store/Shop
  • Climb the Stairs, instead of taking the Elevator, as much as possible
  • Taking up some day-to-day household chores will keep you healthy and will also lessen the burden for your spouse (and for your other family members)
  • Take up Other Chores around the house too, maybe on the weekends. Gardening is an EXCELLENT workout. Maybe a bit of simple plumbing, electrical works (simple ones that you are qualified to do) etc., would help too
  • Make sure to get enough Rest each and every day (a minimum of 8–10 hours of sleep is a MUST.
  • Do NOT Stress out too much.

All of the above would cost nothing…in fact, would lessen your overall expenses quite a bit too, while at the same time will keep you healthy and fit, as according to your definition and need for Health and Fitness.

This will be a good start, will be very effective at producing your desired results, even before contemplating simple exercises that can be done…in addition to the above.