What are the simplest ways to reduce weight at home?

Two things you need to keep aware of, with regard to Reducing/Maintaining a Healthy Body Weight.

1. Nutrition

2. Keeping an Active Lifestyle

To this would add that it is important to NOT let Stress get to you. Take it Easy…it is NOT worth it to get Stressed All the Time (Chronic Stress). This is NOT GOOD…to be Stressed Out Always.

Now to elaborate…

1. Nutrition. This is the MOST IMPORTANT aspect. I would suggest the following:

a. What to Eat

  1. Avoid Junk Food/Fast Food and Colas (of any kind).
  2. Reduce intake of Simple Carbohydrates (white Rice, white Bread, Flour…)
  3. Increase Intake of Complex Carbohydrates (Oats, Millets and such)
  4. Note that Vegetables are an EXCELLENT Source of Carbohydrates and other Essential Nutrients.
  5. Have a Good Amount of Quality Protein with ALL YOUR MEALS.
  6. Dietary Fat is Good…will NOT make you FAT. However, Avoid Trans Fat.

b. When to Eat…and When NOT to Eat

  3. Have a Gap of 4–5 hours between meals
  5. Have your Dinner Early…say by 6–7 pm…at-least 4–5 hours you go to bed
  6. DO NOT SNACK ON ANYTHING AFTER DINNER, UNTIL BREAKFAST the next Morning. Therefore, that will be a 12–14 hour gap between your (early) Dinner and your Breakfast the next Morning.
  7. Last but Not the Least… DO NOT STARVE yourself, by eating Very Little or Not at All. Your Body will Go Into Starvation Mode and this will be Totally Counterproductive to your Goal of Reducing Extra Body Weight.

c. Keeping an Active Lifestyle. Well, you need to give your body a Reason to Burn Calories rather than save them as Fat. For this, you need to eat well (described above) and also keep an Active Lifestyle. Walk to the corner store rather than take your two-wheeler or your car…Walk up and down the Stairs rather than take the Elevator…If you have a Sedentary Job, ensure that you get up and Walk Around every now and then, rather than be seated Most of the Day…Get involved with Simple Carpentry, Electrical, Plumbing work in your home…Get Involved with simple Gardening Tasks in your House…

With all the above working in Tandem, you should be able to lose Extra Body Weight and to Keep it Off for Good, while leading a Healthy Life…

Hope this helps!

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