What happens to that guy who doesn’t do any weightlifting but only push-ups and crunches?

This will largely depend on your Fitness Goals.

Are you a Marathon Runner?

Are you a Sprinter…?

Do you have an Active Lifestyle?

Do you have a Sedentary (Desk) Job?

Answers to these questions might help in deciding more specific answers.

However, the following holds true:

  1. Strength is the most Basic Component of Fitness
  2. Training for Strength also increasing your Cardiovascular Health (for Marathon Training and such, more Specialized Training is of course, required)
  3. Strength Gained, stays with you for Life
  4. Cardio is Gained (and is Lost) Fairly Quickly
  5. Strength Training is Anabolic (Builds Muscle…shouldn’t be confused with Body Building…it is Vastly Different).
  6. Strength Training also Increases Bone Density and Increases Sense of Balance. Think of how many of your older Relatives have
  7. Had a Fall
  8. Have Broken one/more of their Bones (Hips in particular) after Falling down
  9. Reasons are, Lack of Strength, Loss of Sense of Balance, Brittle Bones
  10. A Lot of Cardio is inherently Catabolic (the opposite of Anabolic)…think of World Class Marathon Runners and how they look.
  11. 30 years and above, all humans lose muscle (Sarcopenia) and lose Bone Mass. This accelerates as we age more.
  12. Appropriate Nutrition is a MUST. Be sure to include a Good Amount of Protein with ALL YOUR MEALS. And, you need MORE PROTEIN as you age…not less (exceptions are people with Kidney Disorders).
  13. Rest and Recovery is as important (if not more important) than Exercise and Nutrition.

Using all the above criteria, you might want to have a Training (and Nutrition) Program done. Once you understand the Program and are Comfortable with it…stick with it.

Hope this helps!