What is a very cheap supplement for help with gaining weight fast?

Supplements are Just That…they SUPPLEMENT your Regular Food, when your Regular Food is not Sufficient. They ARE NOT A REPLACEMENT for your Regular Food.

First off, what are your Regular Meals like? Are you getting adequate amounts of Healthy Carbohydrates, Good Quality Proteins and Good FAT (yes FAT)…!?

Look at these first. They are Cheaper and Healthier, than Supplements.

The next thing that you need to look at is…are you giving your body, a Good Reason to Gain Weight?

Goes without saying that you want to Gain Weight in a Healthy Manner. Gaining a TON of UNWANTED BODY FAT will undoubtedly increase your Body Weight…but, obviously, that’s not Healthy.

You want to increase your Body Weight, by Increasing Muscle Mass & Bone Density (your Body Fat Levels will also Increase inevitably…but, you’ll need to skew the development more towards Muscles and Bone Density and Less towards Fat).

So, get active…generally speaking… And, also, get to the Gym and work out on exercises that will give your body to get Stronger and Bigger.

Compound Exercises (that workout your entire body) such as Squats, Deadlifts, (Overhead) Presses, Bench Press and Chin-ups, are some of the MOST EFFECTIVE EXERCISES to get your Stronger and Bigger.

Then, ensure that you provide your body with adequate Nutrition… as mentioned above, Healthy Carbohydrates, Good Quality Proteins and Good FAT.

Proper Rest and Recovery is even MORE IMPORTANT than working out. Give your body adequate time and resources towards R & R. A minimum of 8 hours of sleep is essential everyday. And, don’t workout everyday…

For the Exercises mentioned above, working out (by following a well laid out Training Schedule) for 3 days per week, is Quite Sufficient. Don’t do anything else Very Strenuous (Really DON’T), on your off days.

The above, all working in Tandem, will get you to increase Body Weight and Size, Fairly Quickly…in a Very Healthy Manner too…

Hope this helps!