What is muscle quality?

Two things you usually look for in muscles (especially, Skeletal Muscles):

1) Strength

2) Hypertrophy (Size)

You could (up to a point) increase Strength without much if any, increase in Size. But, increase in Size is eventually going to happen.

Also, Hypertrophy (Increase in Size) does not Necessarily translate into Strength.

Two kinds of Hypertrophy…

Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy (build-up of Sarcoplasmic Fluid in the muscles, give them their Increased Size), does not in itself, translate to any meaningful increase in Strength.

For instance, if you use low weights and high reps (6, 8 and more repetitions) in your exercises, you will end up with this kind of (Sarcoplasmic) Hypertrophy.

Certainly will be stronger than a person with Sedentary Lifestyle. However….

The other kind of Hypertrophy is MyoFibrillar Hypertrophy. Here, there are changes to Actin and Myosin, which are major Protein Filaments, that make up Muscles.

If you train specifically for Strength by using Higher Weights and Lower Reps (No more than 3-5 Reps), then, this is the kind of Hypertrophy you will get. This kind of workout will VASTLY increase your Strength, and looks quite different from the Muscles that a Body Builder accumulates.


Strength is the most Basic of Adaptations and Strength is VERY USEFUL to all living beings, especially, as they age.


Other things to keep in mind, regarding MQ

1) If you don’t use it, you lose it

If you lead a very sedentary lifestyle and don’t use your muscles much, you will lose muscle mass.

2) Protein is the FUEL for muscles. So, keep up your Protein Intake. You need MORE PROTEIN (NOT LESS) as you AGE…yes… Unless you suffer from Kidney Ailments, Protein is safe to consume.

3) With age (starting from 30 years and above), human beings tend to lose muscle. This rate of loss, accelerates even more as one reaches 50, 60 years and above.

4) Good Amount of Muscles that are Strong, are required for a Healthy, Independent Life, with Confidence…especially, in your Olden/Golden years.

5) Progressive Weight Training is the BEST way to KEEP and GROW your Muscles and to keep them Strong (in this process, your Bones Get Dense too). If you don’t know how to go about designing an Ideal Training Program for yourself, approach A QUALIFIED Fitness Coach.