What should I do to lose weight in one month?

The First and Foremost thing with regard to losing excess body weight is through proper Nutrition.

1. Depending upon whether you have a Sedentary or Active Lifestyle, you will adjust the number of Calories of Food Consumed.

2. The type/quality of Food you eat is also important. Avoid Junk Food and Fast Food. Eat healthy food, prepared at home, to the extent possible.

3. Avoid Simple Carbohydrates (those that digest very quickly), such as Sugars, Starches….Rice, White Bread…

4. Eat Complex Carbohydrates (those that do NOT digest very quickly)… Oats is a good example (for Oats, make sure you are not allergic to Gluten).

5. Vegetables are an Excellent source of Carbohydrates and contain many other Essential Nutrients. Never avoid Vegetables.

6. Portion Control… It is important that you eat the right Quantities/Portions. Eating one slice of Pizza is Vastly Different from eating a Whole Large Pizza.

7. Eat Slowly. It takes time for your body (Fat) to let your Brain know that you are full. If you eat quickly, you will tend to over eat.

8. Eat your Dinner early (by around 7.00 pm or so). Do NOT Eat/Snack for another 12–14 hours (until you have your Breakfast).

9. For your other meals, leave a gap of at-least 4–5 hours between meals (Do NOT Snack on ANYTHING, between meals).

10. Eat a Hearty Breakfast… Make sure to eat good Protein with your Breakfast. Do NOT Skip Breakfast.

These are some of the general Common Sense Guidelines to follow, to reduce excess body weight.