Why is endurance running gaining popularity?

The following could be some of the reasons for endurance (long distance) running gaining popular:

  1. It gets you outside…you can enjoy the outside air (assuming clean unpolluted air outside) and good scenery
  2. Easy to get started… Just put on some shoes and start running, which is a pretty basic human movement. For starters, specialized shoes, running technique and training regimen are not mandatory, but will become necessary soon afterwards.
  3. There are plenty of running groups around and most of them have good coaches. So, being part of a group helps with socializing and also helps with being regular in keeping up with the schedule. There is also security in numbers… it is important to be aware of and to watch out for thugs and other unscrupulous criminal elements too, out there.
  4. Easy to set goals/targets when part of a running group, such as training for a certain specific marathon. Therefore, being part of a runners group helps with socializing, security, coaching, setting goals, and in keeping to training schedule…
  5. Some of the marathons that are conducted yearly and at other intervals are pretty famous. Also, with many corporates sponsoring marathons, helps with gaining brand recognition (for the marathon, as well as for the corporate brand) and the sponsorship/s certainly help with organizing the marathons.
  6. It is prestigious to be a part of such marathons and of course, is even more prestigious to complete the marathon, especially with pretty good timing.
  7. Social Media (Facebook, Twitter etc) helps with the feel good factor of posting picture of ourselves, in show casing our participation and our completion certificates and medals. The subsequent likes and comments re-iterates and motivates us even more to continue running and partaking in such events.
  8. Overall, it is quite inexpensive to start running. No gym fees involved. This can be done anytime, any day and does not depend on gym timing.
  9. Endurance running is a good exercise and enhances health and fitness…is many many many times better than couch surfing and remaining sedentary.
  10. Running is simply, fun and enjoyment!!!