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    In what way would a full-body workout be beneficial for me?

    BR Srinivasan

    The following are the benefits of (as you call them) Full Body workouts…

    1. Your body works as a System… Not in parts. Imagine, you are lifting up a can of water…it is not just your hands/palms, it is not just your biceps/triceps, it is not just your back it is not just your legs….but, all of these (and much more) working in unison, to enable you to lift the can of water.

    2. In addition, you do have muscles that help you maintain your balance. These get strengthened too, doing Compound Exercises that workout your whole body.

    3. Body Part Split style of Exercises, such as those performed by Body Builders are for the Sport of Body Building. For example, let’s say you play Cricket (or) Basketball (or) you do get stronger and fitter, than if you sit on the couch all day. However, besides getting more skilled in the sport, playing these sports, are not the BEST at getting you Stronger/Fitter. The same is the case with Body Building. It is another sport… A Sport where the one with the Biggest Muscles and Definition wins the Sports Competition. It is NOT the BEST way to try and get you Stronger/Fitter.

    4. Body Part Split type Exercises, are done using Low Weights & High Reps (Repetitions). While there is some Strength Increase, the Main Objective of these style of Exercises is that these cause Muscle Hypertrophy (Increase in Size) and Definition….objectives for the Sport of Body Building. This kind of Hypertrophy is called Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy…caused by a Build-Up of Sarcoplasmic Fluid.

    5. Compound Exercises that workout your Whole Body use High Weights and Low Reps…that is, no more than 5 Reps per Set. These also result in Muscle Hypertrophy (Increase in Size), but NOT the kind that Body Building Style Exercises Create. This kind of Hypertrophy is known as Myofibrillar Hypertrophy…those caused due to an increase in Muscle Fibers Myosin and Actin. These workouts therefore, Increase Strength SIGNIFICANTLY.

    6. Hypertrophy gains from Body Building (Body Part Split) Style Exercises have no Carry Over to other Sports. Whereas gains in Strength from Strength Training provide IMMENSE INCREASES in Performance across ALL SPORTS.

    7. Strength is the BASIS of ALL FITNESS. A Stronger Sportsperson is going to,

    a. Not Get Injured

    b. Increase Sports Performance quite a bit

    8. Strength is also the BASIS for living a Healthy, Fit, Independent life. From being able to lift a chair, move a table, a can of water… by yourself, without needing another person to do it for you, to being able to move around and get your own daily chores done, by yourself, independently… All these depend on Strength. Not on Muscle Size and Definition.

    9. Gains from Cardio style Exercises come Quickly…in about 2–3–4 weeks, (Specializations such as Marathon Running, will obviously require more Specialized Training). In the same manner, gains from Cardio style Exercises are also Lost Very Quickly…in about 2–3–4 weeks.

    10. Strength Gains from Strength Training, stays with you for LIFE. The basic changes that the muscles go through from Strength Training (changes as described above), never go away. The muscles just don’t go back to how they were before you did Strength Training.

    11. Strength Training, besides increasing Strength, also Increases Bone Density and your Sense of Balance. Factors that are VERY IMPORTANT as you age.

    For all these reasons and more, Compound Exercises that workout your Whole Body are IMMENSELY BENEFICIAL for you.

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