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    I work night shifts. How do i exercise… ?

    BR Srinivasan

    Hi Prakash… I can see a couple of issues, you might need to deal with.

    1) Sitting all the time at work: This is not unique to call centers, but a lot of work these days (such as Software) requires this. You want to ensure that you are sitting posture is right, and the computer monitor is placed at an adequate height and distance from you. Make sure the lighting does not get reflected off the monitor etc… The actual posture discussion is quite extensive… Check the internet…lots of information there about proper posture…

    Sitting all day long (again, not specific to call centers only, but all sedentary jobs), also decreases your metabolism (kind of, whether you use up food as energy or store it up as fat). So, please do stand up, stretch and walk away from your desk for at-least a couple of minutes, every hour. Does not mean, you go to the cafeteria and eat/drink everytime you get off your desk !!!

    2) The most affected due to night shift work is to your circadian rhythm, which is of course how your body works/adjusts to various times of the day. Since night shifts completely turns this upside down…it certainly is very difficult for your body to adjust. But, as you mentioned, you might not have much, if any choice about this, when you work at a Call Center. So, just make the best of it, by getting adequate sleep during the mornings…everyone needs a minimum of 8-9 hours of sleep everyday (bare minimum 7 hours). If not, strange and bad things start happening to your body and mind.

    3) Make sure your food (nutrition) intake is good. The same thing applies to you, as it does to everyone working regular shifts. Don’t snack at all…especially, not on junk food or sugar/carbonated drinks of any kind. Eat healthy, whatever it takes…no fast food on a regular basis. Give it atleast a couple of hours if possible, between when you eat and go to bed. Give it atleast 12-14 hours between the last time you eat before bed and the first time you eat after waking up. Don’t snack between meals at ALL. Make sure to eat Proteins and good Fat along with your Carbohydrates. Eat your vegetables and fruits and nuts, without fail.

    4) You need to find a good time to workout. As mentioned in other discussions, make sure you know about the various fitness options that exist, and see which one best suits your fitness goals. Then write-out a program for your workouts to achieve your fitness goals. Approach a good/qualified coach if you need help in this area.

    5) From our perspective, Strength Training does GREAT GOOD things to your body and mind. In addition, High Intensity Interval Training will ramp up your metabolism and keep it up for upto 48 hours. Something that will help quite a bit for people with sedentary kinds of jobs, such as Call Center jobs.

    Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any more questions/doubts.

    Cheers !

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