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    The answer really depends on what your Fitness Goals are.

    Also, not sure exactly what kind of workouts you are doing, at the gym.

    It does keep you active for sure. So, that’s a good thing. So, until we know a bit more about your Fitness Goals, keep on doing what you are doing.

    Also, being a vegetarian especially, please ensure that you eat a Good Amount of Quality Protein with Every Meal. It is important.

    And, double-check that you are getting enough Omega-3.

    Hope this helps!

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    BR Srinivasan

    Being a Strength & Conditioning Coach, my answer is probably going to be on lines a little different from what you expected.

    Gaining weight is the easiest part. You can gain weight by putting on lots of unhealthy fat. That not what you want.

    You want to increase your body weight, by Increasing Muscle Mass and by Increasing Bone Density.

    For this, here are some things for you to ponder about:

    1. Lead an Active Lifestyle.

    2. Decide on what your Fitness/Health Goals are…Design a Training Plan to attain these Goals. Keep to this Training Plan.

    3. Eat Adequate Quantities of Nutritious Food. Eat Healthy Carbohydrates (Complex Carbohydrates), Eat Lots of Protein with Every Meal, Eat Healthy Fats (yes FATS… Dietary Fat is good, except the Trans Fat kind).

    4. Ensure you get Adequate Rest. A Minimum of Eight Hours of Sleep Daily, is Essential. Allows your Body and your Mind to Recuperate and to get Rejuvenated.

    5. Don’t let Stress Get to you. In today’s environment, no one can go about their lives without experiencing Stress. However, it’s entirely up to you, regarding how to you let Stress Affect you. Take it Easy. Stress, especially Chronic Stress (that stays with you ALWAYS), is NOT GOOD.

    6. Take up things that are Enjoyable and Give you Pleasure. If this is Going to the Movies, do that. If it is Taking Part in any Sport, do that. If it is Music/Singing, do that. If it is Going out to Eat, do that. If it is Taking a Vacation, please do so. Do this, Without the Need to Feel Guilty.

    If you look into all the above aspects, you are bound to Gain Body Weight, in a Healthy and Quick manner, that will serve you well throughout your life.

    Any Supplement (Natural or Manufactured) is only that. They need to be used as a Supplement, in addition to your Regular Food…not as a Replacement. I would try to eat Healthy Home Made food, keeping the above points in mind and Still if you have a Need for More Nutrition, only then, to look for Supplements of any kind.

    No amount of Supplementation is going to help you Gain Healthy Weight if you don’t look at all the aspects as discussed above.

    Hope this helps!

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    BR Srinivasan

    Workout plan is NOT based on Body Part Splits…idea is NOT to look like a Body Builder (which is a separate Sport and is NOT the ideal way to get Strong/Fit).

    So, my workouts do not involve a great variety of exercises.

    The program is based on Progressive Overloading, (and for Beginners, Linear Progression).

    Do not workout on Consecutive Days and for more than 3 days per week. 2 weeks per week is Sufficient. Any less is NOT sufficient.

    Squats, (Overhead) Press/Bench-Press, Deadlifts form the core workouts, with Power Cleans introduced in a month or so.

    Additionally, Chin-ups are also included.

    Need to devise a Training Program with ALL the above in Mind. Once you understand and accept the Training Program, STICK WITH IT.

    Nutrition is a HUGE part of the Recovery Process. A Good Amount of Quality Protein is VITAL with EACH and EVERY MEAL.

    For a Very Active Person with Regular Workouts such as those described above, a minimum of Grams of Protein Equivalent to your Bodyweight in Pounds is a good START.

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    BR Srinivasan

    The following are the benefits of (as you call them) Full Body workouts…

    1. Your body works as a System… Not in parts. Imagine, you are lifting up a can of water…it is not just your hands/palms, it is not just your biceps/triceps, it is not just your back it is not just your legs….but, all of these (and much more) working in unison, to enable you to lift the can of water.

    2. In addition, you do have muscles that help you maintain your balance. These get strengthened too, doing Compound Exercises that workout your whole body.

    3. Body Part Split style of Exercises, such as those performed by Body Builders are for the Sport of Body Building. For example, let’s say you play Cricket (or) Basketball (or) you do get stronger and fitter, than if you sit on the couch all day. However, besides getting more skilled in the sport, playing these sports, are not the BEST at getting you Stronger/Fitter. The same is the case with Body Building. It is another sport… A Sport where the one with the Biggest Muscles and Definition wins the Sports Competition. It is NOT the BEST way to try and get you Stronger/Fitter.

    4. Body Part Split type Exercises, are done using Low Weights & High Reps (Repetitions). While there is some Strength Increase, the Main Objective of these style of Exercises is that these cause Muscle Hypertrophy (Increase in Size) and Definition….objectives for the Sport of Body Building. This kind of Hypertrophy is called Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy…caused by a Build-Up of Sarcoplasmic Fluid.

    5. Compound Exercises that workout your Whole Body use High Weights and Low Reps…that is, no more than 5 Reps per Set. These also result in Muscle Hypertrophy (Increase in Size), but NOT the kind that Body Building Style Exercises Create. This kind of Hypertrophy is known as Myofibrillar Hypertrophy…those caused due to an increase in Muscle Fibers Myosin and Actin. These workouts therefore, Increase Strength SIGNIFICANTLY.

    6. Hypertrophy gains from Body Building (Body Part Split) Style Exercises have no Carry Over to other Sports. Whereas gains in Strength from Strength Training provide IMMENSE INCREASES in Performance across ALL SPORTS.

    7. Strength is the BASIS of ALL FITNESS. A Stronger Sportsperson is going to,

    a. Not Get Injured

    b. Increase Sports Performance quite a bit

    8. Strength is also the BASIS for living a Healthy, Fit, Independent life. From being able to lift a chair, move a table, a can of water… by yourself, without needing another person to do it for you, to being able to move around and get your own daily chores done, by yourself, independently… All these depend on Strength. Not on Muscle Size and Definition.

    9. Gains from Cardio style Exercises come Quickly…in about 2–3–4 weeks, (Specializations such as Marathon Running, will obviously require more Specialized Training). In the same manner, gains from Cardio style Exercises are also Lost Very Quickly…in about 2–3–4 weeks.

    10. Strength Gains from Strength Training, stays with you for LIFE. The basic changes that the muscles go through from Strength Training (changes as described above), never go away. The muscles just don’t go back to how they were before you did Strength Training.

    11. Strength Training, besides increasing Strength, also Increases Bone Density and your Sense of Balance. Factors that are VERY IMPORTANT as you age.

    For all these reasons and more, Compound Exercises that workout your Whole Body are IMMENSELY BENEFICIAL for you.

    BR Srinivasan

    Short Distance Running (Sprint, Other Medium Distance Running) and Long Distance Running (Marathons) are totally different.

    You need to get into a good Training Program, which includes Long Slow Distance (LSD) Running to improve your Stamina, as well as Speed Related Work (Running Exercises) to increase your Speed.

    Additionally, I would STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you get into a Good Strength Training Program. This WILL INCREASE your STRENGTH and will prevent Injuries…and, WILL IMPROVE PERFORMANCE. I Reiterate Again, that this is in ADDITION to your LSD and Speed Drills.

    Please lookup the Internet or work with a Qualified Running Coach to ensure that you are Running using Proper Posture.

    Appropriate Running Shoes are a MUST. Replace them IMMEDIATELY, when they are past their Recommended Mileage.

    Adequate NUTRITION, that includes Carbohydrates, Good Amount of Protein and Quality Dietary Fat, is Essential.

    Rest and Recovery is VERY IMPORTANT TOO. Without this, you will get into Over-training Zone, which is NOT GOOD.

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    BR Srinivasan

    I prefer/suggest Chin-ups to Pull-ups, as your biceps are also involved with chin-ups. And so, you are working out more muscles and for that reason, it might just be a bit easier for you too…

    If you cannot do even a single pull-up/chin-up…not even a partial…

    . Just hang for as long as you can…

    . Keep Increasing your hang time, every time…

    . Keep trying to get your first pull-up/chin-up partial

    If you are able to get a partial repetition

    . Pull yourself to as much as you are able to…

    . Stay there trying to pull yourself up further (even though you are not going up any)

    . After a while come down SLOWWWWWWLYY

    . Repeat

    This will increase how much you are able to pull yourself up…little by little then, you can achieve your first full rep.

    Another way you can try is to find a way to get to the top, with help (such as with another person’s help, or you can jump to the top position….). Then, come down SLOWWWWWLYYYY… Count SLOWWWWLLYYYYY, loudly as you come down… The key word here is SLOWWWWWWLYYY…

    Negatives are a GREAT way to increase strength towards your pull-ups/chin-ups.

    Some other pointers:

    . If you are Overweight, reduce to an appropriate body weight

    Pull-ups/Chin-ups need volume… Do them six days of the week…to get over this initial hump/inability to do even one repetition.

    BR Srinivasan

    1. Ensure you have designed an Appropriate Workout Program, that,
    a. Has Compound Exercises that workout your entire body…not Body Part Split (Body Building type)

    b. I would recommend Squats, Deadlifts, (Overhead) Presses / Bench Press (alternating)… Include Power
    Cleans in about a months’ time. Include Chin-ups, as an additional Exercise, as on all days,
    right from the start.

    c. Has Progressive Overload as its Foundation, (you need to increase weight, progressively, in a
    meaningful manner, EVERY TIME you workout)

    d. Has Linear Progression built into it, (until you graduate from a Novice into an Intermediate)

    e Should provide for appropriate Rest Days. You CANNOT work out everyday. In fact, workout no more
    than 3 days per week… 2 days per week is sufficient (3 days per week is much better/quicker
    results)… Any less than 2 per week or any more than 3 per week is NO GOOD.

    2. Ensure you eat healthy and eat well.

    a. You need a Calorie Surplus to grow…no two ways about this. You need to EAT WELL… INCREASE THE
    AMOUNT OF FOOD (GOOD FOOD…obviously, not Junk Food) you eat.

    b. Ensure you consume a LOT of Good Quality Protein with EVERY MEAL. A minimum of Number of Grams
    of Protein equal to your Body Weight in Pounds, is a GOOD START. Increase this, as your
    workouts increase in Intensity.

    c. Drink more MILK…whole…not skimmed stuff. If you can, GOMAD (Gallon of Milk a Day)… It is a LOT
    of milk, but, it WILL grow your Muscles… You can taper the quantity of milk consumed, over
    time (maybe in a couple of months or so).

    3. Make sure you Rest well. A minimum of 8–9 hours of sleep is MANDATORY.

    There is NO WAY your muscles won’t grow with all the above.

    There is NO WAY your muscles won’t grow with all the above.

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    BR Srinivasan

    A couple of pointers on Fundamentals that might help the understanding:

    1. Light Weight Heavy Reps build size…(Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy)…and some amount of Strength

    2. Heavy Weight…and, 5 or less Reps…builds Strength and some Hypertrophy…(MyoFibrillar Hypertrophy)

    3. For any Sport, Practicing the Sport a Lot, is obviously quite Essential, and Builds Skill in the Sport. And, increases Strength to some extent.

    4. Being Stronger will,
    a. Cause less Injuries
    b. Improve Performance

    5. Workouts that get anyone/everyone Stronger are neither Person nor Sports Specific. The Fundamentals of Progressive Overload and Linear Progression (initially) when rightly applied, will get anyone (Sports persons and others) Quite a Bit Stronger…Fairly Quickly.

    6. By Strength, we do NOT mean it as a Specialization. A Stronger Cricketer will have Far Less Injuries and can Perform Drastically Well, over a Weak (Not so Strong Cricketer).

    7. Well, Conditioning though, IS SPORTS SPECIFIC. For example, the Conditioning Requirements for Golf are quite a bit Different than Conditioning Requirements for Badminton…

    8. So, think of “Exercises” under the following Broad Requirements/Headings:
    a. Sports Skill
    b. Strength
    c. Conditioning

    9. Appropriate Nutrition to Support the Rigors of Sports AND Workouts and to help Athletes to Recover, is a MUST.

    10. Similarly, Adequate Rest to Support Recovery is also a MUST. Simply pushing the athlete to do various Strenuous Exercises continually, will cause Over Training, which is a VERY BAD ZONE to get into.

    11. Use all the pointers above, to devise an appropriate Training Program. Then, stick with this program, while reviewing, evaluating and updating periodically…

    Hope this helps!

    BR Srinivasan

    Depending upon how much Belly Fat you have accumulated, it is not going to be possible to reduce all the extra Fat within one week…even if it were possible, it wouldn’t be healthy.

    Understand that it took a LONG TIME for the Extra Fat to accumulate and will take time to go away.

    No Exercise is going to accomplish this within one week.

    In fact, more than Exercise, you need to Concentrate more on Food. Remember, YOU CANNOT OUT EXERCISE A BAD DIET.

    And, before we delve into any discussion, if it only Belly Fat that you have accumulated (and not elsewhere), please get yourself screened IMMEDIATELY for Diabetes/Pre-Diabetes.

    Ok, continuing on…

    The following are my Recommendations to Reduce Extra Belly Fat, in a Healthy Manner…will likely take much more than one week to reduce.

    1. Get Active. Increase the amount of walking. Take up more Household Chores that you can help out with. Some of the easier Gardening Work is a great way to get active.

    2. Eat ONLY when hungry.

    3. Eliminate Junk Food/Fast Food and Soft Drinks of any kind.

    4. Reduce / Eliminate Intake of Simple Carbohydrates (White Rice, White Bread etc)

    5. Get your Carbohydrates from eating Complex Carbohydrates such as Oats.

    6. Ensure that you eat a Good Amount of Quality Protein with ALL YOUR MEALS


    8. Do NOT SKIP BREAKFAST (I know…)

    9. Leave a Gap of 4–5 hours between meals

    10. Do NOT SNACK in-between… I Repeat…eat NOTHING in-between MEALS

    11. Eat Dinner early – around 6–7 pm


    13. Don’t let Stress Get to you. Be Cool. It’s NOT worth it.

    With all the above, you should reduce Extra Body Fat (Including Belly Fat), quickly and in a healthy manner.

    Hope this helps.

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    BR Srinivasan

    While some amount of soreness is expected, if it persists or if the pain is quite high, the following could be some of the reasons:

    1. Wrong Shoes: Ensure you are wearing Quality Running Shoes… They are designed for Running and will keep your Feet Stable and provide a good cushion from the Impacts of Running.

    2. Old Shoes: Even if you are wearing the right kind of shoes, ensure that you replace the shoes, after the recommended mileage. Shoes that used to work well, will not be able to continue to provide adequate support, once it’s usage is past the Recommended Mileage.

    3. Wrong Size Shoes: For Running Shoe size, you will need one or two Sizes more than your Normal / Regular Shoe Size. This is because, your Feet Expand while Running, especially, if you do a LOT of Distance Running.

    4. You are Running Too Much Too Soon. Design a proper Training program for Running and stick with it.

    5. Improper Running Posture: This is a vast, but quite important topic. Lots of articles on the Internet to lookup.

    6. Improper Running Surface: Try NOT to run on Extremely Hard Surfaces such as Concrete. Road Running is a little better (with the proper shoes on). Running on grass is likely the best, as far as minimizing impact from Running. However, if you are Running Long Distance, that would not be possible. Running on Trails and on Beach Sand is going to take a LOT more effort and will be a HUGE strain on your Ankles, Knees and Feet.

    7. Ensure that you are taking in adequate Nutrition, in terms of Carbohydrates for Energy Replenishment. Adequate Protein is also vital for Repairing / Recovery of your body, from the Strains of Running..

    8. Stay Hydrated: You need to ensure that you stay adequately Hydrated. Don’t even wait until you feel thirsty. Keep drinking water regularly…much more so, if it gets Hot and Humid.

    9. Replenishing Salts are important too. If not you will suffer from Cramps and will impede your Recovery.

    10. Proper Rest and Recovery is Very Important too. You cannot do too much and not give your body enough time towards Rest and Recovery. Otherwise, you will be heading into Over Training, which will then have a VERY BAD EFFECT on you.

    Hope this helps!

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    BR Srinivasan

    I am NOT a Sprint Coach.

    However, some aspects that can be looked at are:

    1. Sprinting is ENTIRELY different from Long Distance Running. You’ll therefore, need to get stronger as this will definitely develop your muscles to aid you in increasing your sprint speeds.

    2. Strength Exercises such as the Squat, the Deadlift, the (Overhead) Press, the Benchpress and Chinups should help you get Stronger.

    3. Do NOT look at this separately as those Exercises that Develop specific parts of the body. You need to look for Compound Exercises (mentioned above), that work your Entire Body.

    4. As obvious as this sounds, you need to discuss with a Qualified Sprint Coach to work out a proper Sprint Training Program, that will help you Increase your Sprinting Speeds, and will need to diligently follow the program, while Continually working with your Spring Coach. There is no one (or two or three) magic things that will get this done.

    5. Ideally, you want to also approach a QUALIFIED STRENGTH & CONDITIONING Coach, to design an S&C Program and then, to stick with the program, in communication with your S&C Coach.

    6. Again Ideally, you also want to involve a Sports Nutritionist, to ensure that you get the proper Nutrition…that will help you gain Strength, while at the same time, help you minimize (gaining) Extra Body Fat.

    From a General Perspective, you will therefore need to

    a. Get Stronger

    b. Improve Technique so you use your body more effectively

    c. Get more Aerodynamic

    d. Use Proper Equipment while Training and in Competitions

    e. Ensure you get Adequate Rest & Recovery

    f. Take care of your Nutritional Requirements

    All the above, should help you gain Sprint Speed (in fact, will help you get good/better in any Sports).

    Hope this helps!

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    BR Srinivasan

    If it is NOT a physical irregularity/ailment/handicap, then, check out all the following:

    1. You are likely, Doing Too Much Too Soon. You’ll need to clarify, what your appropriate fitness goals are. Then, need to design a good Training Program (by yourself, if you know what you are doing…if not, approach a Qualified Professional). This will need to be validated Periodically and Updated as / when Required. Then, stick with the program.

    2. You are likely doing them (Exercises) Wrong. Do the Exercises, using proper form. Again, these Exercises and their Intensity need to be part of the Training Program discussed above. If you are not sure how to correctly do your Exercise/s with proper form, approach a Qualified Instructor to teach you that.

    3. You are likely Not Eating Properly/Adequately. You will need to Eat Properly and Adequately, to fuel Fitness/Strength Gains. Ensure that you eat a good amount of Healthy Carbohydrates, a good amount of Good Quality Protein with Each Meal, and include Good Fats in your Diet.

    4. You are Not Resting (Recovering) Enough. If you are not getting enough Rest everyday (a minimum of 8 hours of sleep everyday, is a MUST), your Body Cannot Recover Adequately from Workouts.

    5. You are Not Keeping yourself Hydrated Enough. Please drink frequently, especially, if you are working out…especially, if you live in a very hot climate.

    6. One more thing you might want to consider is again, kind of related to #1 above. You are NOT FIT at this time and are not able to Tolerate the Exercise you are doing now. Either too weak, too much body weight… maybe both.

    So, please look at ALL the above factors. Any/All of them could be the cause. You’ll need to identify which ones you’ll need to improve. After taking appropriate corrective steps, the pain you are experiencing will stop.

    Hope this helps!

    For more Specific Queries, I can be contacted at:

    [email protected]

    Focus You Strength Academy

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    BR Srinivasan

    You could… but why?

    It’s a real question…not a trick question.

    First and Foremost, decide what your Fitness Goals are.

    Then, you need to choose from among various Fitness Protocols, which one would best suit you, to attain your Specific Goals.

    You can do this yourself, if you know what you are doing. If not, talk to a Qualified Professional, and draw up a Training Plan that will help you achieve your Fitness/Health Goals.

    Once you are comfortable with your Training Plan, stick with it. You will need to review and update this periodically.

    Have said this, here are some pointers:

    1. Strength is the MOST basic of ALL fitness and health.

    2. Strength is the MOST useful in general, in life.

    3. Strength once gained, never leaves you.

    4. Strength Training will improve your Cardio quite a bit (although for specialized things like to be able to run a Marathon, you will need Specialized Training)

    5. Strength Training Builds Strength, Builds Muscle and Improves Bone Density

    6. Cardio is easy to gain and can be gained fairly quickly….

    7. Cardio is easy to lose and can be lost fairly quickly…

    8. Doing too much Cardio, makes you lose muscle

    9. Cardio does NOT build Strength, except a little, for a very brief while

    Add to this, the fact that we ALL (all humans) tend to lose Muscle Mass and Bone Density over the age 30. This loss accelerates more and more as we age into our 40s, 50s and beyond.

    These are some of the things to ponder, as you make your decision.

    Hope this helps!

    For more Specific Queries, I can be contacted at:

    [email protected]

    Focus You Strength Academy

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    BR Srinivasan

    Let us understand the situation and underline a couple of things here:

    1. You are 15 years old, so, in your prime, as far as growth is concerned

    2. Over 6 Feet Tall

    3. Weight 102 kgs

    4. Would like to reduce 20 kgs to get to a 80 kg body weight

    5. Reduce (20 kgs) in 2 months

    6. In my opinion, you don’t need to reduce weight at all.

    Some of my suggestions are:


    1. Avoid Junk Food/Fast Food/Soft Drinks of ALL kinds

    2. Reduce Intake of Simple Carbohydrates, such as White Bread, White Rice, Flour…

    3. Get your Carbohydrate Requirements from Complex Carbohydrates

    4. Eat a LOT of Vegetables…they are a VERY GOOD SOURCE of Carbohydrates and other Essential Nutrients.

    5. Eat Fruits.

    6. Ensure that you have a Good Amount of Quality Protein with ALL YOUR MEALS.

    7. Do NOT SKIP any Meals


    9. Dietary Fat is good for you and will NOT make you fat. Avoid the Trans Fat type.


    You need to give your body a reason to get Stronger and grow Muscle, rather than shunt Calories Consumed towards Fat Storage.

    1. Lead an Active Lifestyle

    2. Workout. I would recommend a Strength Training Program, which has Progressive Overload and Linear Progression as its Foundation.

    3. While no one can avoid Stress in their day-to-day lives, do NOT let Stress affect you too much. Take it cool.

    4. With all the above, you should be able to get Stronger, more Muscular (Strength Training will NOT make you look like a Bodybuilder), more Healthier.

    In my opinion, 80 kgs Body Weight

    1. For someone who is over 6 feet tall

    2. Who is in the Prime of their Growing Age, at 15 years old

    is grossly unhealthy. If you cut back on nutrition (that is, good food…not junk food), your growth will get affected adversely, which will lead to all kinds of health issues now and later on.

    So, eat well…eat healthy…keep active…workout…be cool. You should do quite OK then.

    Hope this helps!

    For more Specific Queries, I can be contacted at,

    [email protected]
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    in reply to: Protein Supplement #1112
    BR Srinivasan

    You might not like my answer, but here it is:

    Supplements are just that… They are there to SUPPLEMENT your Regular Food Intake… They are NOT a REPLACEMENT.

    So, my question to you is…have you maxed out on Protein Intake with your Regular Food?

    Good Quality Protein from you Daily Regular Food Intake is Cheaper and has No Side Effects.

    My Recommendations to you are:

    1. Eat a good amount of Quality Protein with EVERY MEAL


    3. Do NOT SKIP BREAKFAST (I know…)

    4. Dietary Fat will NOT make you Fat… Avoid the Trans Fat variety

    5. You also need a reason for your body to get Stronger / Grow Muscle. A well structured Strength Training program, which has Progressive Overload and Linear Progression as its Foundation will give your body that reason (to Grow Stronger and to Build Muscle).

    Thus, you will need about as many grams of Protein intake per day, as your Body Weight in Pounds. So, if you weight 200 lbs, you will need 200 grams of Protein Intake per day.

    If you do reach a point where it is Very Difficult / Impossible to get more Protein out of your Daily Regular Food Intake, then, you could think of Supplementing with a Good Quality Whey Protein. Ensure that it is from a Reputed Brand and is of Good Quality.
    Hope this helps !

    For more Specific Queries, I can be reached at:

    [email protected]

    +91-99414–73714 (WhatsApp / Call)

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